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Rescooped by Ong Meng Kiat from Trade unions and social activism

Private cash sought to help poor

Private cash sought to help poor | Poverty Assignment_Ong Meng Kiat (25) | Scoop.it

Private investors are being asked to fund a new government drive to help families blighted by crime and poverty.


Ministers want philanthropists, charities and other groups to put cash into "social impact bonds".


It is hoped a trial of the scheme in Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham in London, as well as Birmingham and Leicestershire, could raise up to £40m.

Via Leicester Worker
Ong Meng Kiat's insight:

I support this method of solving the issue of poverty. Using the money from the rich people to help the poor is indeed one of a good method. This would bring the country to greater heights, as poverty causes alot of problems, for example, poor santisation and high crime rates as the poor would rob the rich to feed themselves. This would cause chaos in the country. Therefore, I believe that the rich should help the poor to bring everyone up as one country. This will result in greater benefits to the people living in poverty conditions and the government's economy to prosper. The poor and rich people's economy gap is largely due to the uneven distribution of wealth whereby 300 rich people having the finances of 300 000 poor people! Therefore, instead of enjoying our lives right now, we should lend our hand to our friends in the poor parts of the world, to assist them and bring them forward. The goverment should also render more help to such places, and not just help the places which are already well-developed. It would be meaningless to just have the city area of the county to be prosperous, and the outskirts of the country to just be left there as it is.


Thus, we must play our part and help these people, as we work together as a nation and as the people on Earth to improve the lives of everyone.

Jesslyn Tan's comment, January 28, 2014 8:50 AM
I agree. All of us middle class people should lend a helping hand to the poor. We have to put in our utmost effort to help the poor. We cannot always rely on the government to help the poor. If we want to make a change to the world, we must first take our first step, which is to donate to the poor. It is true that it is unsafe if there are so many people in poverty in a country. The poor might steal food or items in stores or shops. Reducing the number of people in poverty is not just the government's job. Everyone has to play a part to help the poor.
Tan Sian Liang's comment, January 29, 2014 10:36 AM
This method indeed will be effective. Providing education, resources, basic amenities and others, however I feel are not different ways. People living in poverty will not understand the need of education when they cannot even survive well. To create maximum awareness, they must all be provided together. To do this all in one shot requires lots of money, and if we all, including the government, do our part, a large sum can be built up for this cause, therefore is a good method. Though, the government would have to create awareness to poverty and touch the hearts of the people before this plan can be carried out.
Demi Lee's comment, February 2, 2014 8:55 PM
I support this method that the Government s working towards as now we know that people out there are helping those in poverty by providing them with education the basic necessities. However,we should not expect the Government to be doing all of the work,we,as middle class people,should do our part in helping them.
Rescooped by Ong Meng Kiat from Poverty and Education

Lead Equity Through Literacy in All Classrooms

Lead Equity Through Literacy in All Classrooms | Poverty Assignment_Ong Meng Kiat (25) | Scoop.it
Equal access to a good public education can be offered in every classroom through the development of literacy.

Via Peggy Simmons
Ong Meng Kiat's insight:

Education is a large factor to the topic on poverty. As we can see from the article that "the differences between schools in affluent neighborhoods and those in areas of poverty are striking and obvious" shows that the rich and the poor are separated by two great worlds. Different people, rich or poor having different living standards, the same as learning. Rich people might be learning on academic skills, to enter professions like doctors and teachers. Poor people might be learning technical skills and basic communcation skills, like fishing or farming. Therefore, education might not just be academic. However, the most ideal type of education is definitely studying to enter great professions like doctors, as this will give the child a good income and not jobs like farming and fishing which are tough and the people are paid little. Therefore, "whether a suburban school in an affluent neighborhood, or an inner city school in a poverty area, or a school inclusive of both...what if we looked at equity through a curriculum lens? Literacy is the common denominator" which shows us that only by literacy we can be equipped with the right type of skills to get a job for the future. So as to help the poor people, we should help them in terms of education, as education would determine their life in the future, whether to get a desired job as a doctor or an undesired job as a farmer. Rich people should aid the poor people in terms of education to the poor people so that the country would advance as one and there would be rid of suffering on Mother Earth. Therefore, I urge everyone to do anything that you can help the poor with, building schools or donating textbooks so as to improve their education, their future and the living conditions in their homes after some years.

Daryl Koh's curator insight, January 19, 2014 3:42 AM

The differences between schools in affluent neighborhoods and those in areas of poverty are striking and obvious. Because of this, the wealthy and the poor are segregated by a distinct line. Many factors such as parental involvement in school programmes, parents jobs and status, and even social interaction. This might be the cause of care and concern. In other words, in affluent schools the teachers might me much more caring and concerned about a students welfare than those poverty stricken schools. The article states "whether a suburban school in an affluent neighborhood, or an inner city school in a poverty area, or a school inclusive of both...what if we looked at equity through a curriculum lens? Literacy is the common denominator." This tells us that only through literaccy in education, people around the poor can be more socially aware of their surroundings and provide care and concern to them. If help is needed, then we should always help without asking for a gift of gratitude. In this manner, the poverty gap can be smaller than before. If you think its a small step for you, it really means a lot to the poor. So, why not do something meaningful today ???

Rescooped by Ong Meng Kiat from Homeless Issues: Humane Exposures

A 10-Year Mission: End Homelessness - Virginia Connection Newspapers

A 10-Year Mission: End Homelessness - Virginia Connection Newspapers | Poverty Assignment_Ong Meng Kiat (25) | Scoop.it

A 10-Year Mission: End Homelessness Virginia Connection Newspapers Our Fairfax-Falls Church community is one of the most affluent in the country. Our schools are second to none. We are the home for many Fortune 500 businesses.

Via Humane Exposures
Ong Meng Kiat's insight:

This article, indeed, shows success if it is achieved to those that have helped the poor people, that their efforts were not in vain.Those non-profit and charitable organisations working together, hand in hand to address the problem of homelessness. Many hard work must be done to help these people without homes which includes finding funding and manpower to build homes for these people. In the Maslow's hierachy of needs, housing, or property is ranked second from the bottom of the pyramid, which shows that this is largely needed to all humans, no matter rich or poor, therefore a well and stable house is one of the basic needs to these people. It would be the last thing that people would want to be homeless, roaming the streets and sleeping anywhere from the pavements, to the roads. It would make the country an unhygenic place to live in for everyone. A nice cosy home is where everyone would expect going to, to rest after a tiring day. Therefore, I support the non-profit charitable orgainsations in their quest to address the problem of homelessness and make the people without homes have homes, to get a better life for their future. We can contribute small by donating to these orgainsations, or render physical help to building homes. For the rich people, they can set up their non-proft orgainsations and spread awareness about this to more people, so that more help can be rendered to these homeless people. The people that are trying to end homelessness in that particular place in ten years are indeed very brave, to change this place within a short time span of 10 years.

Therefore, if they are daring enough to set themselves this challenge, well-off people in other parts of the world could also challange themselves to do this, and change the lives of the poor people, letting the country advance to greater heights as a whole together. Lending your greatest support to these organisations are greatly appreciated!

Jasmine Choo's curator insight, January 25, 2014 8:35 AM

It is great what they are working on, giving back to the community, helping those who deserves a helping hand. They came up with a proper plan with a clear outcome - to eliminate homelessness in the area. They are trying their best to help out those who are in need. By partnering with other non-profit assosiations, companies, bussinesses, communities and government, they are creating better lives for these people and doing amazing things to help them out. People who want to do great should take Fairfax-Falls Community as an example, striving to create equality amongst us.



Lim Wan Qi's comment, January 27, 2014 11:34 PM
I agree with what Jasmine said. People should not suffer poverty.
Casey Tan's comment, January 28, 2014 10:40 PM