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Rescooped by Joey Yeo from Trade unions and social activism

Private cash sought to help poor

Private cash sought to help poor | Poverty Assignment_Joey Yeo (13) | Scoop.it

Private investors are being asked to fund a new government drive to help families blighted by crime and poverty.


Ministers want philanthropists, charities and other groups to put cash into "social impact bonds".


It is hoped a trial of the scheme in Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham in London, as well as Birmingham and Leicestershire, could raise up to £40m.

Via Leicester Worker
Joey Yeo's insight:

Poverty is getting more and more serious, hence, government has been doing their best in helping the poor. There are different ways to help the poor like, providing education, resources, and job opportunities and more to them. However, all of these solutions require money. Therefore, the government is seeking help, hoping that there will be more philanthropists, charities and other groups willing to donate or fund the poor. If there is an increase in poverty, there will be an increase in crime rate too. Thus, ministers are doing their best as they want to break the cycle of poverty and deprivation in families. I feel that we as ordinary people, with average income, should also do our part, for example by donating, and help the government’s efforts.

Jesslyn Tan's comment, January 28, 2014 8:50 AM
I agree. All of us middle class people should lend a helping hand to the poor. We have to put in our utmost effort to help the poor. We cannot always rely on the government to help the poor. If we want to make a change to the world, we must first take our first step, which is to donate to the poor. It is true that it is unsafe if there are so many people in poverty in a country. The poor might steal food or items in stores or shops. Reducing the number of people in poverty is not just the government's job. Everyone has to play a part to help the poor.
Tan Sian Liang's comment, January 29, 2014 10:36 AM
This method indeed will be effective. Providing education, resources, basic amenities and others, however I feel are not different ways. People living in poverty will not understand the need of education when they cannot even survive well. To create maximum awareness, they must all be provided together. To do this all in one shot requires lots of money, and if we all, including the government, do our part, a large sum can be built up for this cause, therefore is a good method. Though, the government would have to create awareness to poverty and touch the hearts of the people before this plan can be carried out.
Demi Lee's comment, February 2, 2014 8:55 PM
I support this method that the Government s working towards as now we know that people out there are helping those in poverty by providing them with education the basic necessities. However,we should not expect the Government to be doing all of the work,we,as middle class people,should do our part in helping them.
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Causes of Poverty — Global Issues

Causes of Poverty — Global Issues | Poverty Assignment_Joey Yeo (13) | Scoop.it
The poverty section of the Global Issues web site looks into causes of poverty around the world. Why are poor nations poor? What are the roles of the IMF and World Bank with their Structural Adjustment policies?

Via R and P
Joey Yeo's insight:

From this article, I learnt that almost half of the world are living in poverty (less than $2.50 a day). This situation is caused by a few reasons, like uneven distributions of wealth, major structural adjustments or even corruption. In my point of view, I feel that the main cause of poverty is the uneven distribution of wealth. From the data in this article, I realised that there are high levels of inequality based on the income they earn. Those living in poverty will have less access to healthcare, education and other essential services. This will lead to numerous problems like hunger, malnutrition and diseases. If the poverty situation is not handled and managed quickly, even more problems like crime rate, will increase and arise,

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Editorial: Education key in fighting poverty

Editorial: Education key in fighting poverty | Poverty Assignment_Joey Yeo (13) | Scoop.it
Children who grow up impoverished face serious challenges if they want to break that cycle of poverty when they become adults.

Via Kay Lehmann
Joey Yeo's insight:

I agree with this article that education is the key in fighting poverty. Only education can bring about changes to poverty as it increases global awareness. With education, it can get children out of poverty too. As the children can get better jobs and earn more money, having the required skills and knowledge they gained from school. However, breaking the cycle of poverty is tough. In order to break it successfully, one must be hard-working. Unfortunately, may children need assistance as they will face lots of difficulties and problems like school failures, health problems, frequent unemployment and more. We all know that education is the key but sadly, not every child have access to quality education because of lack of funding and more. In my opinion, I think that those wealthier people can help by donating to schools and maybe teachers, too can help by having free teaching services voluntarily. Hopefully, the effects of poverty can be lessened and there will be more successful adults.

Tan Jia Qi's curator insight, January 25, 2014 8:55 AM

Education is really the key in fighting poverty. If we have education that means we can have a job that have stable income and then we will not be poor. After reading this article I realize that education is the main thing that we can leave away from poverty and the people living in the poverty are more independent because they strive harder so to get rid of poverty living by without asking any help from anyone. I wonder whether the children are happy even they are in the poverty condition?

Ong Meng Kiat's comment, January 27, 2014 8:38 PM
Joey Yeo's comment is very enriched with info from the article, adding knowledge from her own thinking of poverty to the article. This is very good as it gives the reader more feelings on what it should about the article on education when one is in poverty. It would be made better by more elaboration on the topic.
Woo Jia Xin's comment, February 3, 2014 4:29 AM
I agree that there are obstacles which obstruct the children living in poverty from achieving their goals. In the article, it is stated that there are slower rates of development in two areas of the brains of children living in poverty and I think that this will have a direct impact on their school grades. What struck me most was when the article stated that even though the economy is slowly improving, childhood poverty in Wisconsin is increasing faster than the national rate. I think that the nation should not leave the countries in need behind and when parents are unable to raise up and provide for their children, the government should come in to help. Quality education is important for all children, be it whether they live in poverty or not, because it provides job opportunities for them when to grow to become successful adults.