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Rescooped by Joan Tan from Pittsburgh Hunger

Help the hungry here - raising awareness about Pgh regional need

Help the hungry here - raising awareness about Pgh regional need | Poverty | Scoop.it
Many people worry about hunger and poverty in Third World countries. They go on mission trips, join the Peace Corps or pledge money to help the poor in foreign countries.

Via Pittsburgh Tote Bag Project
Joan Tan's insight:

Many people are offering help to people in Poverty in other countries but yet, are neglecting the people in Poverty in their own community, which is kind of funny. That you have the ability to help others but not help you own people. By rasing money and donation, maybe the problem Poverty could reduces and people would be able to receive help and Poverty might lessen.

Sara Abdul's comment, January 27, 2014 11:36 PM
I agree with joan as there are many countries which are helping other countries in need instead of its own. They have to realize that, their own country is in need because of corruption. They have to clear the poverty in their own country before they lend a hand to others.
Rescooped by Joan Tan from Africa's poverty

..:: Child Poverty in Africa ::..

..:: Child Poverty in Africa ::.. | Poverty | Scoop.it

                      What are the major challenges facing Africa today?


The challenges facing Africa are daunting. Africa has the highest proportion of its people in extreme poverty and is not on target to meet any of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agreed at the United Nations in 2000. The MDGs are:
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Globally, the number of people living in extreme poverty is falling, but there are large variations in progress between regions. Asia is making good progress, but there is little movement elsewhere and sub-Saharan Africa is going backwards.The world already produces enough food, but the key to eradicating hunger is to ensure that ordinary people in the developing world can get access to it and that it’s affordable. Poverty is the principal cause of hunger.




Via Sinclair Tucker
Joan Tan's insight:

One cause of the Poverty in Africa is because of its country's harsh environmental conditions by nature. Dry weather causing drought and not enough nutrients of soil to grow crops. Eventhough,  but others have helped Africa in the case of Poverty and more children have education and is going to school, the percentage of Poverty in parts of Africa has been improved. I feel that maybe the government could offered the people there some help or rather, distributed them some money to improve lives.

Lim Wan Qi's comment, January 27, 2014 11:24 PM
I agree with what Joan said. I feel that the richer people around the world should also help donate money.
Abish Sempio's comment, February 3, 2014 8:27 AM
I feel sad that the children of Africa are going through this.Though the world is making enough food, the people in africa are still facing poverty.I really hope this will change in the nearing future. We should really feel fortunate living in a country that is having a stable living environment. I agree with what jade said that due to their circumstances, children do not put education first. I really sympathise with them.
Onn Shi Ee's comment, February 6, 2014 10:31 PM
I agree with Joan.This shows the problem faced by the people in Africa.Life must be very hard for them , their condition are critical and why aren't the government doing anything or why is their strategies not effective to help their citizens.After looking at this article , shows how the people are fighting it , living in such horrible conditions and not eating healthy while we are wasting food everyday , we should cherish what we have and be thankful for what is given to us .Maybe we can help them too.
Rescooped by Joan Tan from Inequality, Poverty, and Corruption: Effects and Solutions

1 In 6 Indian City Dwellers Live In Slums

1 In 6 Indian City Dwellers Live In Slums | Poverty | Scoop.it
MUMBAI, India — About one in six Indian city residents lives in an urban slum with unsanitary conditions that are "unfit for human habitation," according to the first complete census of India's vast slum population.

Via Jocelyn Stoller
Joan Tan's insight:

I feel that Poverty should be treated seriously as more and more people are suffering from Poverty. Living in slums is defintely not good as it is 'unhabitated' for humans. I think that the government should be offering them help and distributing them money. I feel that those people in Poverty are really pathetic and the distribution of money in the world gap is way too big that people in the least rich are living in these kind of conditions.

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