Poverty Assignment (Jade Tay) (36)
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..:: Child Poverty in Africa ::..

..:: Child Poverty in Africa ::.. | Poverty Assignment (Jade Tay) (36) | Scoop.it

                      What are the major challenges facing Africa today?


The challenges facing Africa are daunting. Africa has the highest proportion of its people in extreme poverty and is not on target to meet any of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) agreed at the United Nations in 2000. The MDGs are:
Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger Globally, the number of people living in extreme poverty is falling, but there are large variations in progress between regions. Asia is making good progress, but there is little movement elsewhere and sub-Saharan Africa is going backwards.The world already produces enough food, but the key to eradicating hunger is to ensure that ordinary people in the developing world can get access to it and that it’s affordable. Poverty is the principal cause of hunger.




Via Sinclair Tucker
jadetay's insight:

This is my insight using See-Think-Wonder thinking routine. 


I see kids who are not developing very well. physically. At first glance, they might seem to be normal school going children. However, some are with stomachs bloated due to deficiencies in diet while some are thin like twigs. One of the boy was kneeling on the dry ground holding a bowl. Upon contextual reading, I can see the severity of child poverty. Children are either sold as slaves with 1/3 of them being underweight. Their lack in education and hygiene resulted in most children having AIDS or HIV. or dying before reaching the age of 5-years-old.

Their living conditions is bad. Half of the children do not have access to drinking water or even any basic form of sanitation. 


I think child poverty in Africa is very serious and solving the problem is not an easy task due to the magnitude of the problem. Many might say that education is key to alleviating poverty. However, how can they be successfully educated when they do not have any the means to get through their day to day living? 


Would the issue worsen in future with the widening income gap and with the exponential advancement of the world, be thrown so far back that they can never rid themselves of the problem?

Why is child poverty so serious in Africa compared to other countries? What more can be done so solve it? How can people like us save or help the children there who are suffering everyday? 

Lim Wan Qi's comment, January 27, 2014 11:24 PM
I agree with what Joan said. I feel that the richer people around the world should also help donate money.
Abish Sempio's comment, February 3, 2014 8:27 AM
I feel sad that the children of Africa are going through this.Though the world is making enough food, the people in africa are still facing poverty.I really hope this will change in the nearing future. We should really feel fortunate living in a country that is having a stable living environment. I agree with what jade said that due to their circumstances, children do not put education first. I really sympathise with them.
Onn Shi Ee's comment, February 6, 2014 10:31 PM
I agree with Joan.This shows the problem faced by the people in Africa.Life must be very hard for them , their condition are critical and why aren't the government doing anything or why is their strategies not effective to help their citizens.After looking at this article , shows how the people are fighting it , living in such horrible conditions and not eating healthy while we are wasting food everyday , we should cherish what we have and be thankful for what is given to us .Maybe we can help them too.
Scooped by jadetay

New poverty standard changes school funding - Coos Bay World

New poverty standard changes school funding - Coos Bay World | Poverty Assignment (Jade Tay) (36) | Scoop.it
New poverty standard changes school funding
Coos Bay World
It's a mixed bag next year when it comes to state funding for students in poverty on the South Coast.
jadetay's insight:

The changes made to school funding indeed is beneficial to students poverty. I think that in this way of funding, students will receive fair treatment as places where poverty increases, the funding does too and places where poverty decreases, the funding drops. 


By doing this, srtudents will get additional help or resources if neccessary. This will cause an equality of students receiving adequate education, balancing up the student poverty.

tkmancer's comment, January 27, 2014 8:44 PM
@jadetay, I do agree with the amount of poverty increasing, funding increases as well. But do take note that how much can they offer? What if poverty of that area shot up quickly? How much can they manage if it keeps increasing and yet they are already providing the funding they need? So I think that poverty to long term may lead them to rely more on the funding as they think that maybe if they continue to be more poor, they would get more funding from the organizations and that people need to be aware of this and help the poor people not just in terms of money, they have to help these people in terms of education as well, to give them more insights and more knowledge so as to know how to manage themselves lest they not know of the opportunities that are 'installed' for them.
Scooped by jadetay

Bill Gates Predicts the End of Poverty - Guardian Liberty Voice

Bill Gates Predicts the End of Poverty - Guardian Liberty Voice | Poverty Assignment (Jade Tay) (36) | Scoop.it
While more than 40% of the world reels under poverty, disease and malnutrition, Bill Gates is in the news for having predicted the end of poverty with the assertion that no country will remain in extreme poverty by the year ...
jadetay's insight:

This is my insight using the 4Cs thinking routine.



This article re-emphasizes on the presence of poverty in the world. Bill Gates is an influential man of power in the world and I agree that in order to make a drastic improvement in the scene of poverty, action is needed from such individuals.



In this article, the important idea is that Bill Gates predicted the end of extreme poverty. He state that by 2035, there will be no country remaining in extreme poverty. And his plan to end poverty emphasized on war and politics that had always been the factor of why they kept monetary aid from reaching poverty.



It suggested that Bill Gates have a positive attitude towards ending poverty by the year of 2035. He states that he even founded a organisation  17 years ago to mainly help people in poverty by providing them health care services and education.



I think making such a prediction may not very realistic as with the increasing climate changes and advancements in markets around the world, one can never know what will actually happen in the future.Though it is applaudable that someone as important as Bill Gates would care to make a change in a world so far away from his, and is willing to give a helping hand to those living in poverty, we need more people to support this cause as the magnitude of the issue cannot be simply solved by one man/organisation alone.

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