Poverty Assignment By Edwin Ong Chin huay
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Rescooped by Edwin Ong from SA, NEWS ON HIGHER EDUCATION

Anti-poverty strategy opening up education to all

Anti-poverty strategy opening up education to all | Poverty Assignment By Edwin Ong Chin huay | Scoop.it

Government’s anti-poverty strategy is helping to remove the obstacles inhibiting equal access to quality education for all children.

Almost 100 percent of children in the compulsory seven to 15 years age group  were in school. Access to education for Grade 1s, which stood at 39.3 percent in  2002, had increased to 84.8 percent.

The minister said that the conditional grant for the National School Nutrition  Programme had increased by R266.6 million in 2013/14 to R5.173 billion. In 2015/16,  the figure will be R5.704 billion.

The HIV/Aids Life Skill Education conditional grant totals R213.5 million.

“With education comes critical skills and out of these, come great prospects for  absorption in the labour market, entrepreneurship, leadership and other economic  opportunities. Through government’s anti-poverty strategy, we’re progressively  removing obstacles inhibiting access to equal, quality education for all children,  across the race, gender and class divide,” said Motshekga.

Via SAQA News Update
Edwin Ong's insight:

After reading this, I felt  happy and relieved that the government in India are taking one step forward to help the needies, who are young children, by providing a good education for them.

Like what Motshekga said, with education comes with important and critical skills. All these skills come great prospects for absorption in many places. It's great to know that the government is taking actions to continuously remove obstacles inhibiting access to equal, quality education for all children across the race, gender and class divide.

Also, I would like to highlight the fact that besides providing a education for the poor childern, the government can also start to help the childerns' families by giving them the basic needs so that the families can also support themselves.

This suggestion may take time but hopefully, it is able to be carried out as not only the childern want to be happy, but they want their family to be happy as well.

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Scooped by Edwin Ong

We Would Have Eliminated Poverty Entirely by Now if Inequality Hadn't Skyrocketed

We Would Have Eliminated Poverty Entirely by Now if Inequality Hadn't Skyrocketed | Poverty Assignment By Edwin Ong Chin huay | Scoop.it

The War on Poverty would have been won if years of gains hadn't gone to those at the top. (Amazing -- if inequality hadn't gone through the roof, we would have ELIMINATED poverty years ago.)

Although it has become the contrarian thing to do to argue that inequality is not so bad, these inequality trends, if they hold, may present some serious historical troubles down the line. Inequality in industrial capitalism has undertaken two, and maybe now a third, distinct stages. As initial capital accumulation ramps up, inequality shoots up.  This was the world socialist revolution took off in as well as labor unrest, unionization, and so on.

But then, at some point of development, this trend moderates and actually reverses (in many countries). This is what the United States saw in the middle of the 20th century and other countries saw at similar points in their development. From this fairly widespread trend, we got the Kuznetz curve and the corresponding hypothesis that capitalist development starts out with a rapid explosion of inequality only to have that inequality decrease after average incomes reach a certain level. This was a neat and comforting hypothesis that even fit with the data in some countries for some time.

Edwin Ong's insight:

It is true to me that poverty could have ended long ago if we, as humans, treat each other fair and equal. If this had happened then, the world would not have the words "rich" and "poor".

In my opinion, it is still not too late to end poverty. We still have the ability to care for others and help the people who are in need.

Besides that, we must also start to accept one another regardless of race,language or religion. The world must possess the word "harmony". With the help from this word, we are one step closer to eliminating poverty from the world.

 If we cultivate these good habits, "Poverty" can easily be stopped.

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Rescooped by Edwin Ong from Dropout Prevention, Poverty and Disproportionality

Poverty and Education: Solutions?

Poverty and Education: Solutions? | Poverty Assignment By Edwin Ong Chin huay | Scoop.it

Poverty affects education.  It affects test scores.  It affects teacher and student motivation.  It is related to just about every possible negative life outcome you could imagine.  In the US, about one-quarter of our children are raised in poverty,  the same percentage of students drop out of school without diplomas.

These figures are an outrage.  Still, much of the school reform efforts actively ignore the research on poverty in education.  They focus instead on test scores and gaps between high scores and low scores within a building. Teachers are being held accountable for these gaps.  Some are losing their jobs.  Having tried to fight  the effects of poverty in highly segregated areas, others are exhausted, dispirited and have quit.  Politicians cannot even say the “P” word, let alone address the effects systemically.  And so the fingers point to the people on the front-line.  Everyone wants an answer but they are looking in the wrong places.

Via Mary Perfitt-Nelson, Giuseppe Fattori, Jem Muldoon, Les Howard, Sindy Teo, Tricia Chng, Dave Miller
Edwin Ong's insight:

Poverty is really getting serious day by day and it causes many problems to humans. It is the starting problem of many problems and this makes a never-ending cycle once started. As seen from the news above, poverty is started and it affects education, followed by the test scores. It even has the ability to affect teacher and student motivation. Therefore concluding that the word "Poverty" is related to just about every possible negative life outcome one could imagine.

After reading this particular article, I felt disappointed and at the same time, worried for the education system there. I am depressed to learn that the school reform efforts actively ignore the research on poverty in education. They focus instead on test scores and even gaps between high scores and low scores! Seeing that efforts have been made to try and fight the effects of poverty but ultimately losing because of being exhausted, dispirited, I felt worried for the people who are living there in poverty. Even the politicians dare not say the word "Poverty", who knows what will hapen next!

In many cases, i truly believe that poverty can be stopped by helping those in need. For example, we can start to make a difference by helping the needies by donating some money to different charities.

Not onl;y helping  charities, we can also start to give some money to elderies when they sell tissues in the market or hawker centres.

I believe that "to give is to receive". We can and have the ability to stop poverty from spreading throughout the world.

Ong Yi An's curator insight, February 4, 2013 4:42 AM

Education is something that many people need to do better in society. Without it, it would be very difficult to find a job that can feed your family. If the sole bread winner of a family loses the job and become poor, it will affects the whole family. If there are children who are studying in school, they will also be affected. It will affect them in the academic results, being anti-social, thinking of negative thoughts all day. They may also be late for school or sleep in class, as they want to help the family to do something, by working. By having a part-time job, it loses time that are meant for studying. Therefore, leading them to drop out of sch. Thus affecting their future. But if they work hard, i believe that they can do better in life.   

Bharath Gessian's curator insight, February 4, 2013 9:34 AM

Education is one of the most important thing in life and it matters alot. Without it you would not be able to get a proper job and a proper salary. I thought poverty only affects in food, water and socially for a child but i was surprise that education plays a big part when your are poor and it is a big challenge to overcome it. This will afftect the students studying in the school. He will have negative thoughts about himself and will be anti social. They are doing part time job while studying and it will really afect thier studies as it is difficult to multitask.Eventually they drop out or do badly. Hence if they work hard with the right midset, they can definely succeed

Benjamin Ho's curator insight, January 27, 2014 9:46 AM

My insight

Poverty affects education, i think that that is very true. when students have to worry about their daily meals, how can they concentrate and study. And when students cant do their work properly, they fail, and when they grow up, they will find it hard to find a job. More should be done to help students who are in need of financial help.