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Key to fighting poverty is education - Politics | IOL News | IOL.co.za

Key to fighting poverty is education - Politics | IOL News | IOL.co.za | Poverty Assignment_PhoebeTan | Scoop.it
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Phoebe Tan's insight:

  "Key to fighting poverty is education"  Blade Nzimande said. I do agree with the phrase mentioned above. As life is all about learning and gaining knowledge through books, and experiences in our daily lives. If we are not exposed to education, we would not be learning as much to achieve what we actually can.


  With the wide spread and quality education provided, it means more rapid economic, social and cultural development for society. Education is a need for economic growth. 


 Without education,  it results in unemployment, social upheaval, instability and poverty that is taking place.

 For this particular article, it would be referring to South Africa where white paper for post school education is proposed as a whole. Aim is to make sure the focus is on higher education and training.  The post school system will also be an aid to response to the needs of individual citizens and employers.

  This whole white paper, post school education is emphasised on workplace learning, and prepare workers for the labour market and economic self-sufficiency.

  With this implemented, it would help in the countries economical growth as well as alleviating the country's issue on poverty where there is equal opportunties for all. 

Joey Tan's comment, January 27, 2014 8:33 PM
I totally agree with what they say. Education is definitely a solution towards poverty. Most people live to study, know more knowledge and get exposed to different things to gain new experiences. Without education, people are unable to get out of poverty and this will continue for generations. In South Africa, post school education is being proposed and I feel that this should be carried out to improve the situation over there. This could allow children over there to be educated and highly trained to prepare themselves for their jobs in future. Apart from only benefitting for children, the government would benefit too whereby there will be an increase of economical growth and improving the situation of poverty.
Sean Lim's comment, January 27, 2014 8:44 PM
As mentioned by Phoebe I feel it is encouraging to see that countries are taking proactive steps to plan for the future and map out how resources should be allocated to maximize efficiency of the school system. South Africa has been the success story of Africa in the past decades and it is the hope of the world’s people that other nations that were previously in the situation faced by South Africa would follow in its footsteps in actively solving the issue of poverty via developing of education in their countries.
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400 million children living in extreme poverty: WB report | Pakistan ...

400 million children living in extreme poverty: WB report | Pakistan ... | Poverty Assignment_PhoebeTan | Scoop.it
The number of people living in extreme poverty around the world has sharply declined over the past three decades, but it still includes roughly 400 million children, or one-third of those living in such abysmal conditions, ...
Phoebe Tan's insight:

  Even though the number of people living in extreme poverty has lessen down quite a bit over the three decades, there is still a huge number of 400 milion children. That is still a large sum living in poverty. The governors from the World Bank Group plans to endorse in two goals which are: ending poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity.


  They believed that the children should not be suffering this way, where they have no education, no proper health care and basically living life without hope. They sensed an urgency in alleviating this issue of extreme poverty.  Poverty is one of the serious problem that is faced globally. 


   A report shown in the articles, further explains that lower income countries tend to progress slower but still slight improvement compared to the year 1981. 


   It is devastating that they do not get the luxury of fresh water, electricity, and basic sanitation unlike us. From this article, i got to know more about the countries living in poverty where i would sympathize with them and appreciate what i currently have where it is very convinent. But it might be a different total story for those children living in poverty. 

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How One Entrepreneur Plans To End Extreme Poverty Globally - Forbes

How One Entrepreneur Plans To End Extreme Poverty Globally - Forbes | Poverty Assignment_PhoebeTan | Scoop.it
How One Entrepreneur Plans To End Extreme Poverty Globally
Jake Harriman told me he believes he can end extreme poverty around the world within the next 30 years. That got my attention.
Phoebe Tan's insight:

  Jake Harriman, an entrepreneur, believes that he can cub the issue on extreme poverty in the next thirty years to come. 


  Identifying quality potential people leading a local business, that was how it all started.  The plan was to grow the business and plow the profits back into the community with the help of sufficent financial support and mentoring. 

  Background of Jake Harriman, is that the reason why he wants to end the extreme poverty was his military experience. He thinks extreme poverty as a contributing factor in the proliferation of insurgency and terrorism.


   He has a strong will to end extreme poverty, where solutions where plan to alleviate each big problems. This is where entrepreneurs play a part in changing the world. 


  I admire his courage and confidence and strong desire to solve such a global issue that has been present for many decades. 





Daryl Koh's comment, January 27, 2014 8:37 PM
Yes. By looking for the sources of error and finding the root cause of the factors that cause poverty in most parts of the world. Although this takes a long time to solve and salvage, it ca be done with time and patience. To solve poverty, money is important. They also need to have education, resources, and hard working workers. This tends to be a towering task as some poverty stricken countries are very bad and thus cannot be saved. It shows that human phychological and mental support is important.