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Rescooped by Muhammad Ishbir Azhad from Poor sanitation affects access to education and poverty

Ending Extreme Poverty in the Congo: Education

A discussion and pictorial view of poverty in the Congo. It's about the hunger, illiteracy, and suffering endured by poor Congolese. Congo is the poorest countries in central Africa.

Via Kirill Klyuyev
Muhammad Ishbir Azhad's insight:

The people living in poverty carry alot of diseases and thus the diseases is a setback for their education. Some of these people are too sick to go school. Some even die from these diseases. Girls drop out of school when they reach puberty because of inadequate sanitation facilities at school.They get these diseases due to unsafe drinking water, no proper meals and others. They are lots of ways to stop this so that they can have proper education. We could raise funds to buy safe water for them so that they could concentrate on their education and not the diseases. We could also help them by donating books so that they could refer to it.

Fabregas Vengaadesh Cena's curator insight, February 1, 2013 9:51 AM

From this article I can understand that due to poor sanitization many people cannot attend school. I guess this is because they are too ill to attend school and if they do the disease would spread and it would slowly become an epidemic. The poor also do not have enough money to buy medicines of get medical help. It is mainly the girls who are affected because there is not many medical benifits there.Hence we as students should try our best to provide some help for the poor like books and writing materials. 

seah wan ling's curator insight, January 21, 2014 9:31 AM

I always knew that poverty had connections with not having an education and I find it very sad that children in congo stops going to school once they reach puberty because of the poor sanitation. Education is very important, and everyone should have a chance to get an education.  This article changes my attitude towards education, that anyone who has a chance to be able to get an education should take it and treasure it. After reading this article, I wonder if anyone has tried to do something about their poor sanitation.

Ho jun rong's curator insight, January 26, 2014 7:35 AM

This is my insight using C-E-C thinking routines. Firstly, i knew that lack of hygenic food would cause problems for students. I also knew that females are mistreated in some countries. What i did not expect was when the article reported that diarrhoea is the biggest child killer in Africa. Before i read the article, i had never thought that lack of food hygiene can be the deadliest killer. This led me to wonder whether the government knew of this problem and how they are going to solve them.

Rescooped by Muhammad Ishbir Azhad from Brains & Things

The Effects of Poverty on the Brain

Unfortunately, stress and poverty go hand-in-hand. More important than unhealthy lifestyles and lack of access to good healthcare, chronic stress makes many susceptible to cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, depression and diabetes. The impact upon the brain is seen with those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder: the hippocampus part of their brains is atrophied.

Via Rexi44
Muhammad Ishbir Azhad's insight:

This is my insight. Poverty could make a huge effect on the brain. One of the effect is being stress. These people are stressed as they carry lots and lots of burden. Another reason why they are stressed is because they live in violent neighborhoods, walk across many busy vehicular intersections. These people are also likely to get bullied alot. They have a very high level of stress of this could affect their lives. We, should be thankful that we grew up in a well-to-do family. Nonetheless, we should not forget about the people living in poverty. We should try our best and help one another to end poverty.

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Rescooped by Muhammad Ishbir Azhad from poverty in africa

5 Causes Of Poverty In Africa

Via Micaela Desmet
Muhammad Ishbir Azhad's insight:

This is my insight. As i can infer from this article, Africa has lots of problems such as governance, conflict, corruption, emvironmental degradition and diseases. This poor governance have relegated most African government budgets and thus affecting the children. This poor governance would turn into a conflict and in the end, corruption. I feel that the government could do more to help the people . Another major probem is diseases.Most of the people in Africa have diseases that varies. AIDS is the common one. All of these burdens will effect the African child in this century. We could also help by raising funds for the Children in Africa

Devyabharati's curator insight, January 31, 2013 4:54 AM

This is my insight. Africa is suffering from many problems such as Poor Governance, Conflict, Corruption, Environmental Degradation and Disease. These problems are not addressed and they are affecting the people of Africa. The people of Africa aren't guided well either. Government should step up and solve all this problems by forming diplomatic ties with other countries and asking organisations to help them to stop and prevent poverty and improve the lives of Africans.

Chia Yi Xuan's curator insight, February 3, 2013 3:44 AM

From this article, It shows what are the causes of poverty in africa. The main reason is due to poor government. There are a few main points leading to the poverty in Africa, mainly, Corruption, Environmental Problems and Diseases. Although Africa has agriculture to provide them with food,it is no longer sustainable due to the poor environment hygiene and climate there.The problem of poverty there also increases as there are diseases such as HIV and Aids. I hope that more people will help Africa be it in terms of food supply or environmental issues and more volunteers will help them out.

Brandon Lee's curator insight, February 4, 2013 10:52 AM

From the insight of the article, it spelt out the five causes of Poverty in Africa. They are namely Poor Governance, Conflict, Corrupt, Environment Degradation and Disease issues. The article also relates that the African government need a healthy budget in its expenditures to defence against its social and economic development and stability.

In my opinion, a strong and good governance will have great impact on its country development.

In thoughts, Africa could resolve its poverty issues overtime, provided that it resolves most of its conflicting issues within its country.

Rescooped by Muhammad Ishbir Azhad from Poverty Assignment by_Cheung Kar Hang

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education and Job Training

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education and Job Training | Poverty Assignment_Ishbir | Scoop.it
For too long, the national dialogue about college education has been focused on access and affordability.

Via Laurent J.V. Dubois, Kar Hang Cheung
Muhammad Ishbir Azhad's insight:

To be able to get a good job, you must at least be a degree holder. But, the expenses of schooling is incresing every year. Our parents are working very hard to fet us good education and we should be thankful for that. People living in poverty have no proper education as the cost of education is high. Thus because of the, they could not find a good job and in the end living in poverty. This situation leads to the cycle of poverty. It is important that a person gets a basic level of eduaction so that they could get a job to support their famly. The government in these countries should let these people have at least a basic level of education and maybe, this could end the cycle of poverty 

Jueniewann SpotOn Sniper's curator insight, February 4, 2013 6:07 AM

well through this article, people have been educated. they might have been taught of the problem of poverty. thus they might be able to play a role in helping the problem. another thing is that through education, they are able to find jobs more easily. they will also be able to feed their own family. so the more people get jobs, the lesser people will turn to poverty. thus through education, the problem of poverty might just be lessen down!

Merci Goh's curator insight, February 4, 2013 8:10 AM

Using the See Think Wonder routine. From this Acticle I can see the Education is link to Poverty. Without Education we will not have the knowledge and without education knowledge we will not have jobs to help us earn money to make a living. People who does not have educations will not have jobs and will not have earning which leads to poverty. Families without Education will not be able to take care of thier children and they will get sick and may lead to death. I wonder why people don't feel thankful for having education, other people who wants education does not even get to have.

Mina Macy Markovic's curator insight, February 24, 2014 5:12 PM

In today's world, a college degree is something that is very important to have in order to have an good and stabled employment. The challenge for the people in poverty is the high expenses for college. This is increasingly beyond the reach for millions of youths and their families in not just to people who are in poverty but to even families who are in middle class economically. I think that this article is interesting as it tells us the problem with the educational system in our current generation, and also telling us the good solution to giving students from a low income family a chance to prove their worth and have a bright future. All this could start in high school by preparing them the best they can in order for the students to attend college. 

Rescooped by Muhammad Ishbir Azhad from Poverty Assignment_(Tay Yu Xuan)

Child poverty approach concern

Child poverty approach concern | Poverty Assignment_Ishbir | Scoop.it
The children's commissioner voices further concerns over the Welsh government's approach to child poverty.

Via Bruce Lesley, Xuan Tay Yu
Muhammad Ishbir Azhad's insight:

This is my insight. Children plays an important role in the 21st century. But, unfortunately, many of them are living in poverty. Child poverty could lead to family poverty. Child poverty has been quite a big issue. A child poverty approach puts the child at the centre of all policy measures and acknowledges the child as a rights bearer with rights that extend beyond the family. There are many ways to help them. Some people willingly help these children but some just dont bother. I think if humans work together and help each other, we could end poverty.

Wen Shi's comment, January 27, 2014 8:45 PM
It is true that many children around the world live in poverty. They do not have enough food, nutrient, or clothes. Many of them can not have education. Without proper education, they do not have enough skills to work; they may have lots of children as they are lacking of scientific knowledge, etc. That is the main cause why they are still in poverty after growing up.
Huang Ziqian's comment, January 27, 2014 8:45 PM
I agree with Jesslyn's insight. If a child grows up in a poor family, the nutritions the family can provide the child is not enough. When a child reaches the age for school, the family is unable to let him or her receive good education either. After the child grows up, there is a highly chance that he or her will not be able to get a job. These poor people would still be living in poverty. That hinders the development of the country, as well.'
Wen Shi's comment, January 28, 2014 6:29 AM
So that's why other charity organisations and the government are doing work on this and hopefully change their circumstances. These organisations or programs provide children who cannot afford to go to school to have proper education, enough food and nutrients. They are hoping to change their lives. However, the toughest task is on them, the children who are in poverty. They need to be positive and strong-minded to challenge themselves and be a great figher who fights against poverty. It's them who can do the most to help themselves out.