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Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food

Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food | Poverty Assignment_Foo Yan Ling | Scoop.it
Low-income people are 27 percent more likely to be hospitalized for hypoglycemia right before paychecks and benefits come out.

Via Flora Moon
Foo Yan Ling's insight:

This article has a say in conservatives wanting to believe that unemployment insurance makes people not work, despite evidence against this. And liberals want to believe that people don't get enough food so they start passing out from low blood sugar and go to the hospital.


This makes connection with what I know as poverty can mean not having enough money to provide one sufficient nutrients for the body by not having enough food. In this article, it emphasizes that low-income people are 27 percent more likely to be hospitalized for hypoglycemia at the end of the month. Income inequality is making them sick. This shows that not everyone is treated equally. Next, I feel that the basic yet important idea is that people struggling to make it paycheck-to-paycheck (or benefits-to-benefits) might run out of money at the end of the month—and have to cut back on food. If they have diabetes, this hunger could turn into an even more severe health problem: low blood sugar. It shows that poverty do cause people to fall ill really often. I changed my perception of poverty as it being a very severe and deadly situation, poverty is no longer something we should all ignore but instead think of ways in which we can help them. Poverty is also more about equality, without equality, salaries may differ a lot and people may not be able to afford food and might suffer from nutrient shortage and end up in hospitals, risking their lives. I would like to challenge the idea of paying out welfare, food stamps, and Social Security twice a month, instead of just at the beginning. They could even pay out food stamps as cash instead of benefits. Instead of that, I feel that the government should give poorer people more cold, hard cash so that they afford more food at the end of the month and also extra cash for visits to the hospitals or the clinics when they are unwell, especially those that suffer from illnesses as their lives are at stake. More donation drives can be set up for donating of money to support these people suffering from diabetes etc. I feel that people suffering from diseases should be well respected and taken care of no matter how short their life span may be.

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The Female Face of Poverty

The Female Face of Poverty | Poverty Assignment_Foo Yan Ling | Scoop.it
Fifty years after the War on Poverty began, millions of women are still struggling to get by.

Via Greg Russak
Foo Yan Ling's insight:

"For the millions of American women who live this way, the dream of “having it all” has morphed into “just hanging on.”


I have read through many articles telling me that the poorest in America were single mothers. Yet, because they are so busy worrying about survival we do not often encounter their voices and they go under represented and uncounted. There is still a stigma and scrutiny that accompanies working women with children, especially single working women with children. Truthfully, I think it is up to women to demand more for their children or for themselves. It's not to say that men cannot be a part of this crusade, but when we indulge in the navel gazing debates of "having it all", we must recognize that such conversations are still not accessible to most women on the planet. This is true and why it's so hard to break out of poverty. One has to do things for a long time to sacrifice their short-term well-being to save enough money to make any kind of investments in things that will lift them up.


This article has a say in women not being provided enough, not being treated with equality and not given the benefits in their workplace. This makes connection with what I know as poverty often meant not having the ability to afford what one needs. Women in this case often faced troubles balancing both their family and work life as they do not get paid sick leaves neither high-quality, affordable childcare for their children. Forty percent of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income and only receive minimum wages. Next, I feel women equality and fairness is very important in society no matter their race or religion. Women are not given their full freedom to fight for their rights and they have to go through tough times in life to ensure that they can support the family. It is a difficult process for them. I changed my perception of poverty as not only living in dirty and unhygienic conditions, or not having sufficient food, water or no shelter but poverty can also refer to working in offices and not being provided sufficient. Women have to work for long hours to receive enough salary to give them what they need. I would like to challenge the idea of women’s central role and women’s economic health. Both of these, I feel, have to be surfaced and that everyone has to know what women matters in society too. I feel that new policies should be set to, eg. Reward for work, work for reward, where women should be rewarded for their services to the company. These extra bonuses can aid them in any financial problems they are facing and are beneficial to them as well. There should be a goal set for equity, for visibility, for fairness, for worth, for care within everyone.

Sean Lim Lin Yuan's comment, January 27, 2014 11:29 PM
good morning I have commented
Joan Tan's comment, January 27, 2014 11:33 PM
I agree with you, Sabeen, but other than telling what happened, you can also include some solutions in which can help them.
Boyd See Jun Pung's comment, January 28, 2014 10:47 PM
I agree with sabeen.The feminism of poverty can be described as a movement in political, economic and social equality for women, and is closely related to Liberalism. Feminism sees discrimination as a distinction of unequal treatment from all social, political and economic access for women. Feminism of poverty reaches all women, Black, White, Asian or English. It has been around since the beginning of time. Women have taken the role of mother, maid, cook and lover. Inferred from text. Those most likely to live in poverty in the U.S. are women and children. This is referred to as the feminization of poverty; increasingly the poor included unwed mothers, separated and divorced mothers, serving as the head of households
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The Children's Society's Matthew Reed: Millions are facing a winter of misery - we need to fight child poverty

The Children's Society's Matthew Reed: Millions are facing a winter of misery - we need to fight child poverty | Poverty Assignment_Foo Yan Ling | Scoop.it
Matthew Reed, Chief Executive of The Children's Society, says that the choice between heating and eating is one no one should have to make

Via Steven Preece
Foo Yan Ling's insight:

This article proves that both keeping warm and having enough to eat is very important but due to the bad cold and weather conditions, people have to warm up their house even more, causing their electrical bills to rise. This has caused them an issue in considering which is more important, keeping their families warm or having enough food.


This article shows that families facing poverty often have a hard time during winter, going through a new “heat or eat” generation. This makes connection with what I know as poverty often meant not having the basic necessities to survive. In this article, it shows misery and hardships within families as they are likely to cut back on food so they can pay their energy bills. More than half of these families are worried that their children will become ill because their home is too cold. This relates to what I know as warmth is a necessity yet these people do not receive sufficient warmth as they need to save money for food. Next, I feel that in one way or another, they are unable to have the best of both worlds. The concept here is that there is a co-relation between the weather and the state of poverty. In this case, weather causes the people to consider which matters more. The weather is unpredictable and the people are unable to change it. It is an obstacle they have to live by. I changed my attitude towards poverty after reading this. I learnt that sacrifice is very common in poverty-stricken countries/places. Many a time, sacrifices have to be made, eg. The decision between food and warmth, sacrificing yourself for the good of others. This attitude which I picked up here do apply in many other life situations, but it hit me when the decisions they make are more of dilemmas, having to decide between 2 very important things rather than 2 things of totally different importance. I do admire people who face poverty after reading this because I feel they are like heroes, sacrificing for the better good, and I learnt to appreciate more of what I have compared to them. Parents sacrifice a lot for their children which is a really brave thing to do and true parental love is shown. I would like to challenge the idea of having The Children’s Society to have all poor families with children to get the Warm Home for free for half of the winter period and the other half with discounts. This is critical to making sure that those most in need can keep their homes warm. I feel that the government should also do their part to help these people facing poverty, given the fact that having ample food is already a problem, let alone pay the energy bills. The Children’s Society or the Government can also provide free food for these poverty stricken families once in a while during winter. I feel that these people should be recognized for their needs.

Sara Abdul's comment, January 28, 2014 10:54 PM
I agree with Bunaiya's insight .To the point that they could not afford using the heaters during winter season is really heart-breaking. The government should help them and give them money .
Sein's comment, January 29, 2014 3:22 AM
I think that able people and goverment should spent money and effort to help them to keep them warm.Goverment,communities , and the school should work together to support and help those student who are facing poverty so most in need will get help.
Jasmine Choo's comment, February 3, 2014 2:20 AM
I agree with Bunaiya. We all need food, warmth and water to survive. However, some people out there are not as lucky as we are. They need to make sacrifices just to provide. The government should do more to provide for these people. We should also learn to cherish and be satisfied with what we have.