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America's Poverty-Education Link

America's Poverty-Education Link | Poverty Assignment_ (Divya) | Scoop.it

The link between poverty and education can be seen at all educational levels. From the earliest stage, pre-primary education, poorer Americans start disadvantaged.


America, the land of opportunity, needs to create those opportunities for all its children.

Via Mel Riddile
L.Divyaasri's insight:

This article shows the connection between education and poverty. Poorer Americans start pre-primary disadvantaged. They have 20% lower enrollment than normal kids. Pre –primary reduced the rate of crime. Low income neighborhood preschoolers were shown to have one fifth chances of becoming chronic criminals compared to the matched control group. In the Programme for International Student Assessment exam, the US placed average to below average versus other developed countries in reading, science and math, but these average mask the influence of poverty.

Huang Ziqian's curator insight, January 19, 2014 2:20 AM

From this article, I can see that poverty is closely associated with education. The locally driven funding was supposed to help all students to receive good education. However, It causes more disadvantages to poorer students. When the poorer students cannot encounter top teachers or standard facilities, how can they receive good education? Obviously, this could not help the poorer students as the they would definitely get lower results than the others. Besides, the high cost of higher education stops more poorer students from getting into college. The policies were meant to help the poorer, but the poorer students still cannot be well-educated. I think the government should make more effective policies to solve this problem. For example, the poorer students should also be studying in school that have standard facilities and good teachers. Only if the poorer can be educated like the others, the rate of poverty will be more likely to be reduced.

Jesslyn Tan's comment, January 27, 2014 8:31 PM
I agree. The poor cannot receive much education because of the high cost of college prevents the poor students from receiving higher education. Hence, they will lose out to the middle class students. They will struggle when competing with the middle class students for jobs when they enter the society. I think that more measures should be made for these poor students to receive higher education, so that they will be able to find a decent job to at least earn a living for themselves. As education is the only way out of poverty, the poor should be given opportunities to receive enough education.
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Fuel Poverty Puts Children’s Health at Risk

Fuel Poverty Puts Children’s Health at Risk | Poverty Assignment_ (Divya) | Scoop.it
And more than half of the five million families that are likely to turn their heating

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L.Divyaasri's insight:

This article shows how children suffer without heat during winter as they don’t have enough money. More than half of the five million families are turning their heat down .The Children’s Society is calling on the government to make the Warm Home Discount, but this does not work for all the children living in poverty. Thus, I believe that they could give this discount to every family living in poverty. Instead of just giving the discount, I believe that they could help by giving the poor meals during the winter as they even sacrifice basic needs just to pay the bills. 

Jared Kwang's comment, January 27, 2014 11:28 PM
What Ka Yang said is true but what he is saying is barely scraping the surface of what poverty is truly about. The government should help out by giving out sweaters instead because if the government just helps out for that one year, then the same problem would just keep on repeating for the years to come. However if the government just gives the sweaters they may not need to help out with the problem of heating and they may be able to focus on other problems instead.
Chan Kai Yang's comment, January 27, 2014 11:35 PM
kaiyang* -.-
Sean Lim Lin Yuan's comment, January 28, 2014 10:45 PM
Wow this is a very useful piece of information but I have to comment on your post Kai Yang because this is supposed to be done for my English assignment. So I have no choice please bear with me for taking up this extra space on your post. Anyways, your post is very interesting and very informative, actually not really thinking through it some more.
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Rural poverty: when the food bank is only 20 miles away...

Rural poverty: when the food bank is only 20 miles away... | Poverty Assignment_ (Divya) | Scoop.it
Low-income families skip meals because they can't afford to get to the nearest shop to buy groceries, and walk for hours to get a charity food parcel, according to a report into rural food poverty

Via Steven Preece
L.Divyaasri's insight:

This article shows how poor people are not able to have a proper meal as they have to walk for long distances and can’t afford to get to the nearest shop. Geographically- isolated low income families, are at higher risks of food poverty. Families were consuming unhealthy and nutritionally poor food as the healthier choices were too expensive. Emergency food providers provided food for the poor, but 1 out of 24 delivered them to their doorsteps. I think that the food providers should take the initiative to deliver the food parcels to the doorsteps of those in need.

Davina De Laure's curator insight, January 26, 2014 8:52 AM

my insight

After reading this article i am shock to know how other people in other country are suffering.At rural countries  low-income families they skip meals because they cant afford to get to the nearest shop to get groceries, walk for hours just to get charity food parcels. and also since the rising of demand of food aid like everywhere else. this rural fastness presents speacial challengers. All this leads to unhealthy eating . like me explain families in poverty nutritionally-poor food such as takeaways and frozen food because healthier options were to expensive it found. Individuals skipping meals because they can't afford food, or buy enough food to feed the whole family was also identified as a serious problem. This poverty should stop donate food cans to family around the will it might save alot of lives without us knowing and after knowing that there are people suffering like this i think twice of wasting my food 

Lim Theng Shryl's curator insight, January 27, 2014 11:45 PM

I felt very sad for the people living in poverty after reading this article. They had to skip meals because they cannot afford to get to the nearest shop to get their groceries. The people live in hunger, and have poor living conditions because the food they have are mostly unhealthy or they have no food at all. I think the government should do something useful for these poor people living in such conditions.

Jasmine GreenTea's curator insight, February 24, 2014 11:02 AM

After reading the article, i know that demand for food aid is rising, like everywhere else. Families in poverty are consuming nutritionally-poor food such as takeaways and frozen food because healthier options are to expensive to be found. Individuals are skipping meals because, either, they cannot afford food, or buy enough food to feed the whole family. The Salvation army, had been providing hot meals for the homeless for over 100 years but in the last year they had seen a huge increase in the number of people who have a home but have no money for food coming to them for help.

I wonder if people in rural areas also feel the stigma of asking for help more, since there are not many people found in rural areas.