Poverty Assignment by_Yeh Swee Khim
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We need a recipe to solve food poverty - Spectator Blogs

We need a recipe to solve food poverty - Spectator Blogs | Poverty Assignment by_Yeh Swee Khim | Scoop.it

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Swee Khim's insight:

I knew that poverty is the condition where food is scarce and many people can suffer from malnutrition and die from starvation.

 Food is a basic need for everyone. 

I think that I need to change my habit of being choosy in the food I eat after looking at how many unfortunate are struggling to have a proper meal.  

I feel that we need a recipe to avert food poverty in a country.  The government should take more actions to help improve the economy such as increasing the employment rate and encourage citizens to be self-reliant.

Jueniewann SpotOn Sniper's curator insight, February 4, 2013 5:49 AM

i agree that the food prices rising is unreasonable. with such a high cost, how are families suppose to be able to feed themselves. due to the high cost, more and more family cant feed themselves. the thought of food industry thinking about the poverty may be impossible but i believe that if some sense are knocked into them, they might very well think that way. if they do, they are doing a big favour in curing the rising poverty. hopefully this might happen. in future i hope to see more families being happy that they can feed their themselves

Merci Goh's curator insight, February 4, 2013 7:24 AM

Using the See Think Wonder routine. We all know that food prices are all rising up, and I can see that many people are not able to effort it. But food is important for our lifes as we need it for energy to do any work. I can also see that parenrts are starting to skip meals just to unsure that their children are not going to school hungry. I think that the parents are not doing right by skipping meals as they may get weak and sick that they can't take care of their children. I wonder if the government will help this people and stop it by stoping the increase of food prices. Will this people be willing to ask the government for help? Will the government help them? With food prices only going in one direction – up – we need skills, Government commitment, and industry will-power to ensure food-banks do not become mainstream or a reality of economic austerity. 

yee melissa's curator insight, February 4, 2013 8:14 AM

I  have always noticed food pricing is always increasing. Food and water is the most basic thing in life. But how are we going to survive when food pricing is going up and up without our salary going up too? Thus more and more families are unable to put food on the table. Potatoes, one of the cheapest things with nutritional values, have risen up by 116 cents. Which is a lot. By doing these how can families continue to feed their families? How are they going to afford food when food pricing is increasing and increasing? Thus all these make the parents starve themselves and allow to children to eat without them going hungry in school. I think this is wrong because by doing this, they are going to fall sick and by falling sick they are unable to take care of their childrens. Which is causing more problems. There is families with insufficient food to feed their families around us and wants us to be more aware and to raise awareness. I will stop wasting food and only buying the right amount of food as buying more than enough food the food left aside for next time to cook will go bad. It is also to save money. I will treasure and count it as a blessing if i see food on the table and not to whine when i do not like the dish. I will treasure what i have. Can the Food Industry lower the price of the food and not increase it? It will really help alot of people by doing so.

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Women's Education in Africa | WAAW Foundation Blog

Women's Education in Africa | WAAW Foundation Blog | Poverty Assignment by_Yeh Swee Khim | Scoop.it

Some of us know someone who couldn't complete her education for financial reasons. We all know one or more families or the other struggling in poverty. Female education in Africa is suffering due to reasons like poverty or ...

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Swee Khim's insight:

This is my insight using (See-Think-Wonder/ 4Cs/ Step inside/ Reporter's  notebook) thinking routine.

Poverty means scarcity in material possession such as food and limited access to education.  African women are deprived of a basic education due to common believe that a woman’s main duty is to be a housewife.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom and a stepping stone to a better life. 

After reading this article, I need to change my idea that education is a given.  Every women should be given every equal opportunity as men to be educated as they have the capabilities to contribute to the society.

Navas Ibraahim's curator insight, January 24, 2014 11:31 AM

To me the word 'poverty means the state or condition of having no money or means of any support and having limited access to education.  African women do not even know some of the basic education because they are adapted just to become a housewife.

I also think that education is one of the golden paths to be taken to get out of poverty. 

After reading this article, I think I should change my idea that education is a choice . I think that every single  female should be given equal rights as males to be educated as they are capable of making


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Richel's curator insight, April 8, 2015 1:30 PM


this connects to intellectual because It talks about motivating and helping women finish their schooling. Women used to not finish their education because they were just going to be married or weren't expected to own land. Now women should learn because Now they can choose their marriage and because if microfinancing they can create their own buisness


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Kim Jong-il’s death could be opportunity for human rights | Amnesty International

Kim Jong-il’s death could be opportunity for human rights | Amnesty International | Poverty Assignment by_Yeh Swee Khim | Scoop.it
Kim Jong-il has left millions of North Koreans mired in poverty,  and hundreds of thousands of people detained in brutal prison camps.


The death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and assumption of power by his son, Kim Jong-un, present an important opportunity for improving the country’s catastrophic human rights record, Amnesty International said today.


However, recent reports received by Amnesty International suggest that the North Korean government has purged possibly hundreds of officials deemed to be a threat to Kim Jong-un’s succession, by having them executed or sent to political prison camps.


“Our information over the last year indicates that Kim Jong-un and his supporters will try to consolidate his new rule by intensifying repression and crushing any possibility of dissent,” said Sam Zarifi.


In the months immediately following Kim Jong-il’s own succession to the North Korean leadership, after the 1994 death of his father Kim Il-Sung, tens of thousands of perceived or potential political opponents and their family members were sent to political prison camps. Political opponents were also executed either in secret or publicly following grossly unfair trials, or no trial at all.

Swee Khim's insight:

I know that North Korea is mired in poverty without access to adequate food, healthcare as they alienate themselves from other countries.

A good leader should be democratic to lead the country well for it to prosper and grow. 

I realised that I need to change my habit of being reserved like North Korea and should be open-minded.

If a ruler is ruthless and hostile, the citizens could feel suppressed and this could lead to poverty and unrest in the country.  Hence, it will only lead to fear where there would be no peace and harmony within the country.

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