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Rescooped by Wen Shi from Geography Education

The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education

The Unaddressed Link Between Poverty and Education | Poverty Assignment by_Shi Wen | Scoop.it
Federal education policy seems blind to the relationship between poverty and student performance.


An interesting op-ed that focuses on the educational performance in the United States and poverty.  The authors feel that class is an obvious factor in educational performance, but that educational policies do not reflect the geographic factors that lead to uneven results. 

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Wen Shi's insight:

Normally, those students who are not in poverty has greater scores by comparing to those who are in poverty. Children who are in poverty spend a lot of time doing other works and helping their parents. They cannot have tuition which can help a student fill up his weakness accordingly. They cannot go travelling to enrich their knowledge and widen their sights. They probably have other health problems and this can affect their studies greatly. "No child left behind." This was said by the former president of America, however, he forgot to consider other problems. This is not a simple problem which can be easily solved just by giving more money to the poor. There should be programs about the checking health for each child,  extra lessons for those who need, and other travelling projects for those who cannot afford going travelling on their own, etc. There is still a long way to go. What else have other countries done to help every child on education? What should we, the other people, do to help? These are the questions that we need to think about.

Mindy Tan's curator insight, February 22, 2014 9:44 AM

From this article, I can see that children that are poorer actually get lower results as compared to those that are well fed. I think it is because they dont have a good environment to study in, do not have well-educated parents to guide them along and teach them and most importantly, they are not well-fed and they do not have enough nutritions to help them think or concentrate better. I wonder why they would  put the 'rich' and 'poor' kids together? Putting them together will only result in the richer kids looking down on the poorer kids.

rlavinya's curator insight, February 23, 2014 8:26 AM

It saddens be that children can't be educated just cause of their lack of money.Poverty an educations plays a huge role in a child's life.WIthout education how are they gona lead in life?Why can't the poor be edcuated for free?

rlavinya's curator insight, February 24, 2014 8:02 AM

Education and poverty.In simple terms mostly if a child does not have enough money it'll affect their education. It saddens be that children can't be educated just cause of their lack of money.Poverty an educations plays a huge role in a child's life.WIthout education how are they gona lead in life?Why can't the poor be edcuated for free?What puzzles be the most is why isn't it free for those who cant afford it?

Scooped by Wen Shi

White House Report: More Work to Do on Poverty - Washington Wire ...

White House Report: More Work to Do on Poverty - Washington Wire ... | Poverty Assignment by_Shi Wen | Scoop.it
The White House late Tuesday released a 53-page report claiming that the country has made progress in reducing poverty but still has “more work to do,” particularly in expanding “economic opportunity.”...
Wen Shi's insight:

From this article, i can see that the USA has put in lots of efforts and has done lots of works to help the people in US get rid of poverty. America is a first-class country, the most developed country in the world. However, millions of people in America are suffering from poverty. As it reported, the percent of the U.S. population living in poverty has fallen from 25.8% in 1967 to 16.0% in 2012. Admittedly, we can see the progress the US government achieved by putting up policies to improve the situations of the poor, such as social security and Earned Income Tax Credit that helped Americans either deal with poverty or avoid it. By comparing to other countries such as China and India, though America has lots of international debts, it tries its best to ensure that its people can have a happy life, can be satisfied with their country. However, the problem of poverty has not been completely solved yet, what else can be done to help the poor? How can other countries learn from America? And furthermore, when will poverty be completely erased in human society?

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Scooped by Wen Shi

Don't forget Jewish poverty in Europe — JNS.org

Don't forget Jewish poverty in Europe — JNS.org | Poverty Assignment by_Shi Wen | Scoop.it
Click photo to download. Caption: With no money to replace the decayed wallpaper in their poorly insulated three-room apartment in Bulgaria, parents Harry and Yana allowed their three children to simply draw on the walls to ...
Wen Shi's insight:

As economic crisis hits the whole Europe hard, the population of unemployment increased a lot. Many people lost their jobs, which included a jew mother of three children. The whole family relies on father's $500 salary per month. And they've already had $8000 debt and the total amount of debt keep increasing. Life is so hard for them. Jew is a smart nation and jewish people are good at bussinesses. It's actually very sad to see them in such circumstances. When will this stop? When will they be in their normal lives again? How can people from other countries or continents help them through this economic crisis?

Abish Sempio's comment, January 27, 2014 8:31 PM
Yes, I agree with you. I feel so sad that the Jews are suffering too.Their government should do something about the employment issues in their countries and make the job center a priority. I hope the mother with three children will survive.Other than developing leaders, the government should do even more. I hope other countries will help too.
Joey Yeo's comment, January 27, 2014 8:32 PM
When there is an economic crisis, the employment rate will definitely increase. This is unavoidable. However, what other countries or continents could do to help them through this crisis is by donating money or even more offering job opportunities. Hence, one must always save up for rainy days if ever such circumstances arise.
Woo Jia Xin's comment, February 3, 2014 3:36 AM
From the caption in the picture, I think that the idea of letting their children draw on the walls to bring cheer to the house is a good idea. Through the economic crisis, the drawings bring a sense of uniqueness to the household and may serve as a constant reminder for the children to stay happy for what they have. Furthermore, this may also help the children to enhance their creativity. Secondly, I think that the efforts of the American Jewish Joint Distribution is doing a great job by helping individuals boost their skills for a chance for them to promote themselves in the job market. Families like that of Harry and Yana are in need of such help. The positive results show that their efforts had paid off and I think what this organisation is doing is worthy of much praise from the public.