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How Poverty Impacts Students' Test Scores, In 4 Graphs

How Poverty Impacts Students' Test Scores, In 4 Graphs | Poverty Assignment by_NgE-Lin | Scoop.it
Earlier this month, results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) showed that while national test scores are slightly improving, most fourth- and eighth-graders around the country are not proficient in math and reading, and a...

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Ng E-Lin's insight:

I used to thing students living in poverty and normal students' grades and not much of a difference. But in this case I am proven wrong.This article actually shows that poverty is bad for learning, as students eligible for free and reduced lunch, poorer students, did significantly worse on the tests than their wealthier counterparts. Proving that the amount of nutrients from food a student take affects their daily performance. Food is proven very important for students in order for them to excel in their studies. Sadly students living in poverty do not have much food or even enough food to consume, sometimes. This is one of the many obsticles for them to do as well as their wealthier classmates. As their classmates, could could lend a helping hand by perhapes sharing our food with them or by helping them with their school work. A little help always go a long way.

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Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food

Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can't Afford Food | Poverty Assignment by_NgE-Lin | Scoop.it
Low-income people are 27 percent more likely to be hospitalized for hypoglycemia at the end of the month—right before paychecks and benefits come out.

Via David Simpson
Ng E-Lin's insight:

At first i never really knew that poverty would make much of a difference in peoples' life. I used to think the poor just had lesser food and shelter than me and never really think much about them. But now I realised that there is much more to it. People living in poverty do not only have not enough shelter, food or money to survive, they have many other problems that we might not see at first. Due to the lack of money, poverty is also affecting the poor's health. They get sick as they do not have the means to afford proper or enough food and shelter, thus living in such terrible living conditions caused them to fall ill easily. When they are about to run out of money and food,from collecting food stamps,etc, at the end of the month, they force themselves to eat lesser than what they need. This may result many of them to land in hospitals. And then they may have to think of a way to pay for the treatment, thus in need of even more money. This really affected many lifes of the poor. People like us should really try to lend a helping hand by paying out welfare, food stamps, and Social Security twice a month, instead of just at the beginning to ensure they have enough for the entire month.

Zhiyang Liang's comment, January 29, 2014 10:06 AM
In my perspective, not only just the lack of food and the high medical treatment fee may cause the poor sick, but also the obstinacy of poor people. When they initially infect some small disease like flu, cough and fever. The first thought come out of their mind is that those diseases would flee away after a few days and there is no need to see the doctor and eat drugs. No one says that they should think in that way but our society forces them to think and they have no choice, they do not have enough money. Consequently, the evolution of those small disease leads to many great problems. So what can we do to help them is just to donate money and create health welfare to decrease their costs to some extent.
May's comment, January 30, 2014 7:32 AM
I agree with Evelyn that the poor have no enough money for food let alone medical bills. They are barely making both ends meet so where would they get the extra money for medical bills? They cant afford to have leftover money or savings for the month or anything like these. So they wont go check up for their health when they think they are just fine. Only later then they will know they have hypoglycemia. We should lend a helping hand by donating money, food and clothes for the poor instead donating only when they have developed hypoglycemia.
Jasmine Choo's comment, February 3, 2014 1:52 AM
I agree with Bunaiya. Instead of helping these people suffering from the disease in later stages, donors/the society should have helped them in the earlier stages or while they are still not suffering from any disease. Educating the people from young will lead to a better future for all.
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Poverty and Obesity: Neighbours In Our Own Communities - Huffington Post Canada

Poverty and Obesity: Neighbours In Our Own Communities - Huffington Post Canada | Poverty Assignment by_NgE-Lin | Scoop.it
Poverty and Obesity: Neighbours In Our Own Communities Huffington Post Canada The film lays bare the link between poverty, obesity and countless other maladies resulting from the lack of affordable access to healthy food for millions of people in...

Via Teh Shi Yun
Ng E-Lin's insight:

Many of us including me would have thought people living in poverty would be relatively skinny to the extend where bones can be seen. But in fact its not the case all the time. Who would have thought not having enough money to buy food would cause problems like having a really unbalanced, unhealthy diet leading to obesity. People living in poverty tend to go for the cheapest food around, coincidentally the most unhealthy food. They simply do not have any choice. The cheaper the food the more the quantity to them. All they really need is enough food to last them. I realised it is  more then food they have to worry about, they also have to worry about their health too. But sadly health can't be bought easily even they have the money. We should learn to treasure our food more, unlike them, most of us I believe have more then enough to eat. The least we can do is to not waste our food and appreciate what we have on our plates every single day.

Teh Shi Yun's curator insight, January 21, 2014 10:06 AM

Most of us only thought of poverty as people starving to the point where ribs and bones are all visible. None of us would have thought that not having enough money to buy food would have caused a problem like having more than enough fats to be stored in our bodies, obesity. We should not overlook the fact that the foods which are unhealthy are a lot cheaper than healthier food and a person who is starving and not having enough money would have chose the cheaper option not considering whether it is healthy or not as they could have buy more in terms of quantity compared to the healthier options.

Trisha Quek's curator insight, January 27, 2014 9:35 AM

I often complain about being hungry, but i have never felt hunger to the extend that my stomach hurts really badly. There are actually people in other countries that are starving to the extend that they envisions things to become food. The people in countries that are more developed and well to do definitely do not have to feel this kind of hunger. I used to think of poverty as having no money to afford simple necessities in life like food and water, as well as being skinny to the bones. Never did i thought that being in poverty can also lead to obesity. Tremonica is an example. She is an obese seven year old girl in Mississipi. As her family was in poverty, she had to buy the cheapest food so that the money could be used for other necessities. Instead of buying a fruit that has more nutrients, Tremonica's mother bought a packet of chips for her meal as the fruit was more expensive than the packet of chips which are really unhealthy thus, leading to Tremonica being obese. We should really learn to appreciate the environment that we are in, being able to eat good food and not have to worry about buying the cheapest food so as to survive longer.

jadetay's comment, February 3, 2014 8:32 AM
I agree with Trisha's comment. I never think poverty would lead to obesity too. Instead of worrying about the amount of nutrients they have or the amount of food they need to have energy the whole day, they have to worry about even having food to last them throughout the day. This made me look at poverty at another perspective. It isn't just what it simply appears to be, no food no water no basic necessities. It can have a another impact on people example damaging their health just to save money for other needs.