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Child poverty under spotlight - Northern Advocate

Child poverty under spotlight - Northern Advocate | Poverty Assignment by_Mariya | Scoop.it
Child poverty under spotlight
Northern Advocate
One-in-five Whangarei families receiving Government support are living in "a real state of poverty", a local Salvation Army worker says. file.

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Mariya Aiza's insight:

Some children were fine with the way they lived in poverty because they were born in it. The army had to give the children food because their parents could not afford to buy any and sometime they would not even got to school because they did not have food. I feel sad for these children. The number of family living in poverty were increasing.I have learned that New Zealandhas one of the highest rate of children with no education but it got better for awhile but after that they had a different problem. Now its the young adults that are in poverty and the other countries. They are planning on how they can solve the poverty problem.

Joey Tan's curator insight, January 19, 2014 3:41 AM

Upon reading this article, I am rather glad that the government had done something to help children who are living in poverty with their parents. It is very sadding to read that the children themselves do not know that they are living in poverty as they are born into it. There are numerous increase of children living in poverty for the past 12 months. Because of poverty, those children are unable to get proper education as their parents do not have money to send them to school. Besides, even they are being send to school, their parents would not have money for the children to bring to school to eat. Furthermore, if the children are not send to schools, poverty would continue to other generations and will not stop. It is definitely thankful that the government are doing something in helping those children. The government set up the Salvation army to provide food for those children who are heading to school. This could benefit the children as they able to attend school to have a proper education and at the same time being able to have food to eat. Not only that, in the future, those children might also also be able to find jobs more easily and improve their living conditions or even getting themselves out of poverty. What could the government do to provide more help for the children? Would the children be able to successfully find a job? I would definitely look forward to that! 

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Rapidly growing inequality is worsening poverty around the world

Rapidly growing inequality is worsening poverty around the world | Poverty Assignment by_Mariya | Scoop.it
A new report from Oxfam sheds light on rapidly growing extreme inequality and how it worsens poverty around the world, as Prime Minister Tony Abbott prepares to spruik Australia’s G20 agenda at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week.

Via W. Robert de Jongh
Mariya Aiza's insight:

I have learnt that some countries in our world are facing poverty because they do not have enough money. This is because half of the money of the whole world belongs to the rich people while the other half belongs to the rest of us which is inequal.I think the rich people should donate some money to the poor countries or at least help them. If nothing is going to change,the people in those poor countries would slowly decrease and lastly, it would be full of abandoned houses and dead people.The people there need money to buy food,shelter and a lot more so i hope the people in our time would change so that everyone would be happy.

Clair Koh's curator insight, January 26, 2014 3:43 AM

What i know is that poverty is poor and it is all over the world. People out there are suffering from hunger and they do not have a proper home and food. They food they eat are leftovers from garbages and dustbins. What if we could help them. Each person could donate $1 yes it is a small amount but there are tons of people living in Singapore. It could add up to more than a million. It could saves the lives of many. But what makes me wonder is why do some people not care or bother to help at all. Maybe some are really poor themsevles but what about the rich? Some do not care. Another thing is why is the rate of poverty not decreasing. Why can they not have a life better than a homeless and starving one.

Ang Marcus's comment, January 27, 2014 8:43 PM
From my point of view, selfishness that greeds over money around the world causes an unequal distribution of wealth in this world. However, I totally disagree about donating money to them. What they need is skills, not money. You can use the money to make a project on raising skills for people living in poverty.
m naw 's comment, January 28, 2014 10:32 PM
Yes. i agree with you totally and I believe that the origin of poverty rooted from people's selfishness. This selfishness that greeds over money causes an inequal distribution of wealth in this world. Many rich people have too much money that they spend it anyhow while people that are poor dont even have enough money to support the family. I think the rich should really donate to those that are poor.<br><br> Have everything for yourself that you may enjoy your life while "unfortunate" people pass away everyday because of the lack of money and resources OR use your wealth and donate them to these unfortunate people thus helping in the balancing of wealth in this world so that you and these people in poverty both may live a comfortable life. It's not about choices, it's responsibility.
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In Digital Age, Schools That Succeed are Schools That Connect

In Digital Age, Schools That Succeed are Schools That Connect | Poverty Assignment by_Mariya | Scoop.it

A few months ago, I posted an article by Shelly Blake-Plock called 21 Things in Education That Will be Obsolete in 2020, which lists some of th For most children, the key to success will continue to be sharp critical skills, strong connections, effective communication and the nerve to be creative and entrepreneurial. The difference is that we are living at a time in which all of those skills are defined by one’s proficiency in connected media. Furthermore, for students facing poverty, violence and disability, online learning networks can provide empowering educational experiences that transcend the circumstances of the classroom. Ultimately, the school that ignores the connection will be the school that we will identify as a failing institution. It is therefore even crueler that policymakers obsessed with standardized test results — like Ms. Rhee and her many disciples — ignore what the connection represents.

Via Gianfranco D'Aversa
Mariya Aiza's insight:

This article thought me that since our generation is in the digital age, those schools that provide computers or internet are schools that are more successful than school that does not.Why? Kids nowadays are so caught up in their electronic gadgets like phones,tablets and others that they rarely read books anymore. Plus, kids that had a bad upbringing can learn better in online learning because they can find anything on the internet that can help them to improve their knowledge.I think this is good but it also might have a negative effect on them like their eyesight might go bad or they might use the media for a different and bad purposes.That is what i think.

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