Poverty assignment by_Lynn Keok
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Scooped by Lynn Keok

Poverty in Asia

Poverty in Asia | Poverty assignment by_Lynn Keok | Scoop.it
Lynn Keok's insight:

South Asia not only holds the majority of the population in the world, but also the majority of the poorest people. In some countries like India, there is a huge population. However, there is also very limited land space, which the rich people hog almost all to themselves, leaving nothing for the poor people. Basic needs like education, medicine, clean water and sanitation would not be enough for the people living in poverty. If this goes on, our next generation will also suffer in poverty and discrimination. I feel that governments should do something like discouraging the caste system and distributing land use fairly.

Low's comment, January 27, 2014 8:37 PM
I agree with Lynn's insight. South East Asia is very populated and the citizens all need food and water, yet poverty is rampant and many people go hungry because of the lack of food resources going around. But if they disband the caste system, the people would not know who is their 'boss' and the work may not be so efficient.
m.y's comment, January 27, 2014 8:39 PM
I agree with Lynn's insight. With most of the world's population concentrated in Asia and not having enough food and water for everyone, its natural that everyone would want it for themselves. Selfish by nature, most would go the ones who can afford it, the rich and leaving little to none for the poor. Why not the government distribute it freely for everyone. Every life is precious, be it rich or poor, we are all human so why the discrimination of the poor and the pampering of the rich. Why do they get more?
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Global development podcast: are we on the brink of a new global food crisis?

Global development podcast: are we on the brink of a new global food crisis? | Poverty assignment by_Lynn Keok | Scoop.it

The World Bank says soaring food prices have already pushed millions more people into extreme poverty this year.

Lynn Keok's insight:

People from around the world going hungry. Their crops are dying due to climate change. Having no farmland as the government uses it for other purposes also adds to this cause. Babies are also being born dead due to the malnutrition of the mother. I think that the government of that country should do something about it, like give some of the land back to the farmers to plant their crops or maybe even to the extend of importing food from other countries to eliminate poverty. I wonder if the government is doing anything to help these people now, and that is there going to be any change if they read this article?

Chua Chong Yih's curator insight, February 3, 2013 4:46 AM

I see that the one of the reasons that more and more people are being pushed into extreme poverty is due to the rise in food prices. India, is a very good example where more than a quarter of the world's hungry people lives. I think that the soaring in food prices will definitely affect us whether we are poor or rich, and therefore we need to be more aware of what we spend our money on. I wonder what is the cause of the soaring in food prices and what we can do such that it does not affect us that much.

Coven Chong Weng's curator insight, February 3, 2013 8:49 AM

I see that the increase of the food pricing is one of the many reasons why there are people who go in poverty. An good example of a country that is in this state is india. In my opinion, we can help them by being more aware of the money we spend on food as i guess that is one of the reasons why there is a increase in the food pricing

Shiya Watanabe's curator insight, January 21, 2014 9:12 AM

After reading this article I realize that the destituition around the world is slowly becoming a global issue. This article made me look more closely at the lived experience of those in poverty and suffering from starvation in third world countries. Eating is the simplest, most natural of acts, akin to breathing and walking upright. We sit down at the dinner table, pick up a fork, and take a juicy bite, obliv­ious to the double helping of global ramifications on our plate. To think that people lack something as basic and necessary as food makes me realize how the conditions in other countries differ from Singapore by so much. While food prices soar, more people suffer and is pushed to the brink of extreme poverty, this makes me realize how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, to have parents to provide for me and most importantly, to have dinner on the table. 

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Rising living costs exposing more families to poverty, report finds

Rising living costs exposing more families to poverty, report finds | Poverty assignment by_Lynn Keok | Scoop.it
LIVING costs for some Australian households have far outpaced CPI figures over the past six years, exposing more people to the risk of poverty, a new report says.

Via Michael Chitty
Lynn Keok's insight:

Prices of essential items are rising and low income families are struggling to make ends meet, leaving themselves with no savings. Even though the government is trying to help the situation by offering alternative payment options and reviewing taxation and concessions, will this be enough to eliminate poverty in that country? I wonder how the people who control the prices would react when they hear about the people who are barely making ends meet, and what will they do about it?

Yansheng Xu's curator insight, February 3, 2013 5:12 AM

I think one of the reasons for poverty is there is unemployment going on and salary is too low. Living costs includes essentials like food, health, education, housing and daily neccessities are rise. People do not have enough money to pay for their basic needs. I wonder if government have introduced incentives to to ensuresocialstability such as create more jobs and control the prices.

Coven Chong Weng's curator insight, February 3, 2013 8:57 AM

I see that one of the reasons of poverty is because of unemployment going on and also the salary being too low that is not enough for the people's spendage of their basic needs and daily neccessities. I wonder if government have introduce new industries to secure jobs and also to lessen the unemplyment rate .

Roshini Sykes's curator insight, February 4, 2013 9:44 AM

the costs for the substantial needs of daily necessacities have been increasing rapidly which is causing poverty to many families. they have been having a lack of a few things that were once affordable and now expensive.by increasing the price of everything like this there is also going to be a loss in the market as many families are unable to afford the high cost.