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Editorial: Education key in fighting poverty

Editorial: Education key in fighting poverty | Poverty Assignment by_Dawn Choo | Scoop.it
Children who grow up impoverished face serious challenges if they want to break that cycle of poverty when they become adults.

Via Kay Lehmann
Dawn Choo's insight:

I already know that there are schools providing education to children living in poverty. Education is important in helping to sustain a healthy society, break the cycle of poverty, achieve economic growth and to ensure that all people have control over their destiny. Also to find job opportunities, education is needed. Education is also where the children build their confidence and interact with others. In addition, school is part of where people are able to catch up with the current technologies. Of course, the children need to also have the the willingness to study if not it will be very difficult to break the cycle of poverty. However, besides eduation, are there other things that children living in poverty needs?

Tan Jia Qi's curator insight, January 25, 2014 8:55 AM

Education is really the key in fighting poverty. If we have education that means we can have a job that have stable income and then we will not be poor. After reading this article I realize that education is the main thing that we can leave away from poverty and the people living in the poverty are more independent because they strive harder so to get rid of poverty living by without asking any help from anyone. I wonder whether the children are happy even they are in the poverty condition?

Ong Meng Kiat's comment, January 27, 2014 8:38 PM
Joey Yeo's comment is very enriched with info from the article, adding knowledge from her own thinking of poverty to the article. This is very good as it gives the reader more feelings on what it should about the article on education when one is in poverty. It would be made better by more elaboration on the topic.
Woo Jia Xin's comment, February 3, 2014 4:29 AM
I agree that there are obstacles which obstruct the children living in poverty from achieving their goals. In the article, it is stated that there are slower rates of development in two areas of the brains of children living in poverty and I think that this will have a direct impact on their school grades. What struck me most was when the article stated that even though the economy is slowly improving, childhood poverty in Wisconsin is increasing faster than the national rate. I think that the nation should not leave the countries in need behind and when parents are unable to raise up and provide for their children, the government should come in to help. Quality education is important for all children, be it whether they live in poverty or not, because it provides job opportunities for them when to grow to become successful adults.
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Fuel Poverty Puts Children’s Health at Risk

Fuel Poverty Puts Children’s Health at Risk | Poverty Assignment by_Dawn Choo | Scoop.it
And more than half of the five million families that are likely to turn their heating

Via britishroses
Dawn Choo's insight:

In this article, I think that poverty is not something that we should ignore, instead we should think about the effects

that will happen to humans and world if poverty continues. I already know that there are also many other countries suffering from cold  and harsh conditions. The government and society are getting more and more uncaring and callous, they did not spare a thought for those living in poverty and are forcing them to live in cold, damp homes.. Though the Children’s Society is calling on the government to help tackle this problem by making the Warm Home Discount – a £135 discount on energy bills for low income families, it is still not enough. Everyone should work together even I should have the duty to care for one another no matter old or young. It makes me realise that we should cherish whatever we have now.


Why poverty? This is a simple question yet i cannot find the answer. Some people lives in big buildings but those families have to live in cold, damp houses. Some people are treated better but those families even the ones with children have to suffer from such cold conditions and not many people are willing to help. Why?

Jared Kwang's comment, January 27, 2014 11:28 PM
What Ka Yang said is true but what he is saying is barely scraping the surface of what poverty is truly about. The government should help out by giving out sweaters instead because if the government just helps out for that one year, then the same problem would just keep on repeating for the years to come. However if the government just gives the sweaters they may not need to help out with the problem of heating and they may be able to focus on other problems instead.
Chan Kai Yang's comment, January 27, 2014 11:35 PM
kaiyang* -.-
Sean Lim Lin Yuan's comment, January 28, 2014 10:45 PM
Wow this is a very useful piece of information but I have to comment on your post Kai Yang because this is supposed to be done for my English assignment. So I have no choice please bear with me for taking up this extra space on your post. Anyways, your post is very interesting and very informative, actually not really thinking through it some more.
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To Tackle Poverty, Trust the Power of Community - Huffington Post

To Tackle Poverty, Trust the Power of Community - Huffington Post | Poverty Assignment by_Dawn Choo | Scoop.it

Let's stop fighting poverty and start supporting and investing in the collective expertise, wisdom, and initiative that can be found in low-income communities across the country.

Via jean lievens
Dawn Choo's insight:

I agree to those people who takes the effort to connect people with each other and changing the community  into a stronger community. I already knew that many societies have been helping people that suffers from poverty. I admire the fact that family, friends, neighbors and colleagues work together to  provide information, emotional encouragement and support and inspiration. This makes me realise that i have to be one of them too, helping one another. However, I wonder why there are many people still not caring for those people living in poverty. Can all those help and the tackle of poverty stated in the articles enough to stop poverty from happening?

Andrew Walker's comment, February 2, 2014 6:59 AM
i agree with you. The community does have a big impact on poverty. If everyone helps out, poverty may be at a very small amount today. Even though people have their own lives to tend to, it shocks me that more people of the community are not helping.
Belinda Lee's curator insight, February 6, 2014 11:17 AM

Connections: This shows that connections with peers and families do help to reduce poverty as the strong willpower they have withstands it. Encouragement, support and inspirations do help too, as studies shown. Whaticia came up with a STOP Senseless Tragedies Oppressing Our People campaign which encourages people to provide encouragement and support as a way to help one come out of poverty. 

 Concepts: The main idea of this campaign is to relieve people's burden they face during poverty, to let them know that everyone else is supporting them, so they will not give up, and keep on fighting till they get out of poverty state. 

Changes: This text suggest that not only those who are facing poverty should do so but also everyone. Everyone should lend a helping hand, and together the impact would be great.

Challenges:The text says that there isn't direction from the staffs, but instead they should have so as to guide those who are facing poverty along to the path where they can step out of it.  

Eugene Yong's curator insight, February 22, 2014 12:05 PM

Connect:This article is about how the safety net systems is critical to help the low income people from  falling out. i think it is important to help families leave  poverty and gain economic and social mobility. In Singapore, we have a lot of welfare assistance to help the needy, for example:''  Sinda Fund(Singapore Indian Association) '' provides  assistance for fellow Indian people. I think we should also learn from the African American parents in New Orleans who started a social club to provide activites and cultural events for their children and also  prepare their children to rebuild after the disaster.


Extend: We can learn from what other countries do in the safety net system to help their people.  The examples quoted under FII are useful references.Perhaps other countries can also learn and create such safety nets system to help their poor people. These support systems can help to fight poverty.


Challenge: I think that safety nets system also need funding to be able to carry out the activites. It may be the duty for everyone to take part and help to improve society and help the needy to escape poverty. I also believe that low income families should also be pro active and help themselves by legal means and not forever rely on the support systems.