Poverty Assignment by Bradley Teo
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Scooped by Bradley Teo

The only way for poor to escape from poverty - Fox News

The only way for poor to escape from poverty - Fox News | Poverty Assignment by Bradley Teo | Scoop.it
The only way for poor to escape from poverty
Fox News
This week's World Economic Forum would do well to remember that there is only one effective solution to the poverty of poor nations. It is the only solution that has ever worked or will ever work.
Bradley Teo's insight:

After reading this article, I think that poverty is caused by the nation. The country can produce it own prosperity by selling goods that the country has an abundance of. Like example, South Korea, it went from being one of the world’s poorest nations in the 1950s to the twelfth richest nation today by manufacturing products like TVs, cars, and microwaves. The nation can also create productive economies if they are lacking in significant resources. The solution can only come through increased economic productivity within poor nations themselves.

Zhang Yichi's curator insight, January 27, 2014 6:39 AM

Reading this article made me discover things that I did not know and things that I knew but did not know it in depth. This article made me think, such as when I saw the statistics, I was thinking, was I taking everything I had for gratned? It also got me to respect the people who were poor because they seemed so hardworking and optimistic. It was the total opposite of the people that I know. The people that I know and I myself are people who just waste food and clothes and we do not care about anything in life at all but these people, they cherish everything that they have and they are very easily happy. They know what to be grateful for. I think if I was someone who was poor, I would not survive a day. I respect the poor people who work hard. 

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Once Financially Secure, a Mother Is Fighting a Life of Poverty

Once Financially Secure, a Mother Is Fighting a Life of Poverty | Poverty Assignment by Bradley Teo | Scoop.it
Josephine Wiles Warner’s cozy town house in Herndon, Va., is filled with the laughter of her four children—children she brought into her home when their natural parents could no longer care for them.

Via Skip Boykin
Bradley Teo's insight:

After reading this article, I find that due to Josephine Wiles Warner's mother, she had to quit her job as an airline customer-service agent that she had worked at for 20 years because her mother was terminally ill. She learnt that it costs more to be poor than rich. Even with 3 college degrees it has been hard for her to find a job. People living in poverty pay higher prices for food and other needs. There were 1.6 million more children living in poverty in 2012 than in 1996, yet Temporary Assistance for Needy Families was reduced by more than 30 percent.

Merissa Ong's curator insight, January 25, 2014 4:23 AM

This article shows a family who struggled with paying their electricity and water bills on time,hence their lights and water are off.

I think the US government should keep a look out for these families although its a small percentage. They should give a time extention to these families as it is really hard on them to fork out so much money.

To these low income families,it is a really tough challenge to conquere and go through and others should give a thought about them.

Almash Mash's curator insight, January 25, 2014 11:42 PM

i'm extremely sad &

Almash Mash's curator insight, January 26, 2014 12:06 AM

I'm sure this woman is struggling & suffering .  However, this story leaves much to be desired.  There are some gaping holes in the story and then it seems like the writer is trying desperately to shift blame away from the woman's own decisions in creating her current situation.

I feel for this woman taking care of children who are not her own. It wasn't her complete fault.

i wish she will get fairness.

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To Tackle Poverty, Trust the Power of Community - Huffington Post

To Tackle Poverty, Trust the Power of Community - Huffington Post | Poverty Assignment by Bradley Teo | Scoop.it

Let's stop fighting poverty and start supporting and investing in the collective expertise, wisdom, and initiative that can be found in low-income communities across the country.

Via jean lievens
Bradley Teo's insight:

After reading this article, I find that there is a way to tackle poverty. People like Whaticia Wilson is one of those people who brings folks together. Whaticia started STOP (Senseless Tragedies Oppressing Our People) to connect youth, particularly young men, with each other and with caring adults from their own community. People from the community help the youths. Thanks to Family Independence Initiative, they partnered with over 1,000 low income families to peers play in familes leaving poverty and gaining economic support. I hope that communities like Whaticia Wilson will influence the government to help fight poverty.

Andrew Walker's comment, February 2, 2014 6:59 AM
i agree with you. The community does have a big impact on poverty. If everyone helps out, poverty may be at a very small amount today. Even though people have their own lives to tend to, it shocks me that more people of the community are not helping.
Belinda Lee's curator insight, February 6, 2014 11:17 AM

Connections: This shows that connections with peers and families do help to reduce poverty as the strong willpower they have withstands it. Encouragement, support and inspirations do help too, as studies shown. Whaticia came up with a STOP Senseless Tragedies Oppressing Our People campaign which encourages people to provide encouragement and support as a way to help one come out of poverty. 

 Concepts: The main idea of this campaign is to relieve people's burden they face during poverty, to let them know that everyone else is supporting them, so they will not give up, and keep on fighting till they get out of poverty state. 

Changes: This text suggest that not only those who are facing poverty should do so but also everyone. Everyone should lend a helping hand, and together the impact would be great.

Challenges:The text says that there isn't direction from the staffs, but instead they should have so as to guide those who are facing poverty along to the path where they can step out of it.  

Eugene Yong's curator insight, February 22, 2014 12:05 PM

Connect:This article is about how the safety net systems is critical to help the low income people from  falling out. i think it is important to help families leave  poverty and gain economic and social mobility. In Singapore, we have a lot of welfare assistance to help the needy, for example:''  Sinda Fund(Singapore Indian Association) '' provides  assistance for fellow Indian people. I think we should also learn from the African American parents in New Orleans who started a social club to provide activites and cultural events for their children and also  prepare their children to rebuild after the disaster.


Extend: We can learn from what other countries do in the safety net system to help their people.  The examples quoted under FII are useful references.Perhaps other countries can also learn and create such safety nets system to help their poor people. These support systems can help to fight poverty.


Challenge: I think that safety nets system also need funding to be able to carry out the activites. It may be the duty for everyone to take part and help to improve society and help the needy to escape poverty. I also believe that low income families should also be pro active and help themselves by legal means and not forever rely on the support systems.