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PART 1: Fragile families challenge parents, children and support agencies

PART 1: Fragile families challenge parents, children and support agencies | Poverty Assignment_Joey Tan 3D (33) | Scoop.it
A rising tide of single-parent households is posing problems for parents and children as well as challenges for Tippecanoe County's public and private agencies devoted to helping families cope with poverty.

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Joey Tan's insight:

Apart from the government of the country, private agencies also did their part in helping people getting out of poverty. The way of how those agencies help those people are much more effective than the help from the government. Other than just giving money or providing food, I think giving talks and courses for adults are the best which what most agencies are doing. They want to try to understand why people are getting into poverty and hope that after the talk, there will be improvement in programmes and services to low-income families. To me, I feel that the talk might be effective as the adults would be able to educate their children and would provide better education for their children, and in the sense, putting hope in their children to get out of poverty. Not only that, the children would be able to find a decent job to improve their family living conditions and not allowing consequences or repeating of their parents actions. I also feel that there could also be improvement for employment generation whereby companies could be encouraged to gloom workers and learn more skills like the foreigners. I might also be wondering what could the government do to help more? And what are the effects after giving talks to those adults who are living in poverty? 

Steffi Quah's comment, January 27, 2014 8:25 PM
i agree with joey tan. A country getting out of poverty does not only depend on the government but rather, with the help of agencies as well. The best way to solve poverty is to find out the source of poverty. After finding out the source of poverty, we then can solve poverty much more effectively.
Eve's comment, January 30, 2014 7:05 AM
Yes, I agree with Joey. Giving talks to adults is quite effective as the adults can teach the younger ones. But at the same time, it worries me whether the parents are able to help educate their children. I feel that some parents might not even understand the talks, and hence unable to teach their children. But still, this is at least better than giving money.
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Rising child poverty pushes American dream out of reach for many - Fox News

Rising child poverty pushes American dream out of reach for many - Fox News | Poverty Assignment_Joey Tan 3D (33) | Scoop.it
Rising child poverty pushes American dream out of reach for many Fox News The Southern Education Foundation found that, for the first time in 40 years, the majority of public school students in 13 southern and four western states are living at...

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Joey Tan's insight:

Poverty has been very common in America and I was rather surprise upon reading this article. Poverty in poor families actually affect the children's education in America. This is mainly caused by the parents because some might be single-mother or some might be married couples. I might say this is not all their fault. Why would I say that? Parents who are single-mother also have lots of difficulties and reasons why they are unable to earn alot and all of these are because of their children. They wanted to spend more time with their children and are worried for their children. This report is indeed a real eye opener for me as I could finally understand why age 16-24 young adults are neither in school nor having a job in America. Some young adults are raised up in low income families which most of them live in poverty. They are not equipped with gadgets or books that might help them in their education because they could not afford unlike young adults who are raised up in middle class are able to have technology such as iPads to help them in their studies, just because their parents earned more. According to the report, I noticed that young adults who are from low income families do not have money and might cause them to be hungry in school and not being able to obtain good education and study environment really saddens me. I might not be able to experience those because I am raised up in middle class families. But I might still wonder what could government do to help those people? Are they just supposed to give money? As America has slow economic growth, I really think that the government should take actions to improve their current situation. 

Kelvin Tsui's curator insight, January 19, 2014 9:01 AM

THis is a great example for many to further understand more about how great od an impact poverty has on kids and childern. Many young ones out there have big dreams and ambitions, just like myself. For example, i want to be a successful lawyer in the future and to do that, i need a good quality education and a quick and smart mind to achieve this dream of mine, but to do that, i need to be strudying in a schoo, which i am now , and that i must be able to learn many things from school. Sadly, most kids and childern from other countries are not able to attend school just because they cannot afford the school fees. This is reaslly sad to hear because, these kids have an ambition to work for, but they cannot even learn anything becuase of their lack of income from their parents, thus, they know that this ambition is just a dream to them. I think that this makes me want to change and solve world poverty once and for all. i really feel for them and i think that everyone should too.

SM Punk's comment, January 27, 2014 11:41 PM
I agree with Kelvin, children who are suffering in poverty cannot afford an education and I personally think it is a sad waste of talent. Who knows, maybe the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of one of those children who can't afford an education.
Phoebe Tan's comment, January 31, 2014 11:24 AM
I do agree with Joey that it is a fortunate situation that we are experiencing being born in middle income families, where education isn't an issue for us. Well, i do sympathise with the single parents where they have to manage between work and the child. They are trying their best to fulfil their job as a parent and maybe as parents. It might be a really tough job and they did not give up. Education isn't an abundance to them. From this, couples should stay strong together in order for a better future for their child. And that although not all of this issues can be avoided, the government should do something to help them achieve the children goals in life. It shouldn't be down fall just because of their family background. They should be given the chance to be exposed to education.
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Child poverty under spotlight - Northern Advocate

Child poverty under spotlight - Northern Advocate | Poverty Assignment_Joey Tan 3D (33) | Scoop.it
Child poverty under spotlight
Northern Advocate
One-in-five Whangarei families receiving Government support are living in "a real state of poverty", a local Salvation Army worker says. file.

Via Jocelyn Stoller
Joey Tan's insight:

Upon reading this article, I am rather glad that the government had done something to help children who are living in poverty with their parents. It is very sadding to read that the children themselves do not know that they are living in poverty as they are born into it. There are numerous increase of children living in poverty for the past 12 months. Because of poverty, those children are unable to get proper education as their parents do not have money to send them to school. Besides, even they are being send to school, their parents would not have money for the children to bring to school to eat. Furthermore, if the children are not send to schools, poverty would continue to other generations and will not stop. It is definitely thankful that the government are doing something in helping those children. The government set up the Salvation army to provide food for those children who are heading to school. This could benefit the children as they able to attend school to have a proper education and at the same time being able to have food to eat. Not only that, in the future, those children might also also be able to find jobs more easily and improve their living conditions or even getting themselves out of poverty. What could the government do to provide more help for the children? Would the children be able to successfully find a job? I would definitely look forward to that! 

Mariya Aiza's curator insight, January 24, 2014 11:34 AM

Some children were fine with the way they lived in poverty because they were born in it. The army had to give the children food because their parents could not afford to buy any and sometime they would not even got to school because they did not have food. I feel sad for these children. The number of family living in poverty were increasing.I have learned that New Zealandhas one of the highest rate of children with no education but it got better for awhile but after that they had a different problem. Now its the young adults that are in poverty and the other countries. They are planning on how they can solve the poverty problem.

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51 per cent of Pakistanis in Hong Kong live in poverty - South China Morning Post

51 per cent of Pakistanis in Hong Kong live in poverty - South China Morning Post | Poverty Assignment_Joey Tan 3D (33) | Scoop.it
51 per cent of Pakistanis in Hong Kong live in poverty
South China Morning Post
Pakistanis such as Iffa are far from alone in feeling poverty's sting in the city.

Joey Tan's insight:

In Hong kong, poverty might likely only happen to other ethnic groups and not Chinese. Why is this so? Chinese takes up the majority in the country unlike other races such as Pakistanis. Thus, governement might tend to be more biased towards Chinese so at least 41 percent of the Chinese who might be poor have jobs. However, other ethnic groups are not that fortunate as even poor or poorer families only have one member being able to have a full-time job. Besides, comparing with the poor children in general population, children from other ethnic groups would take up more or over the percentage of the general population. This causes people from other ethnic groups living in poverty and in slum conditions as their salary could only sustain them with food and not other things. Looking at this kind of situation, I think the government should be doing something about it to improve the situation of the other ethnic groups. Not only that, they should be more fair towards other ethnic groups and treat them the same as the majority because other ethnic groups also do their part in helping the country in population growth. Furthermore, when I am reading this article, I have many thoughts in my mind. I wonder why are the governement not helping those ethnic groups? What could the government have done? I hope my questions could be answered as the government made changes and the economic starts to improve for the better.

Kaili Tan's comment, January 27, 2014 8:43 PM
I agree with part of your insights The other ethic groups might not be so well taken care of, or given the benefits of what the Chinese receive. Many Pakistanis are facing poverty and this could be due to being unable to afford the living cost in Hong Kong. The government are not assisting them to step out from poverty and it may be because they do not have the ability to support them. This shows that Hong Kong might not be such a suitable place for them. It might not possibly be that the government do not wish to help them but is unable to.
Anisah Izhar's curator insight, January 27, 2014 11:40 PM

The Pakistanis are probably in Hong Kong to have a better living but this sure shows that living in Hong Kong does not do any better. So many other ethnic groups are facing financial problems. What is the government doing? If they are nice enough to let them in, how about pay more attention and offer more help? This shows that poverty is everywhere. Even in first and second world countries. I think that the government should at least make an effort to provide more jobs for these living in poverty. Already 51% of the Pakistanis are living in poverty. How about the rest? How about the chinese living there? Is the government even doing anything about this issue?

Daryl Koh's comment, January 29, 2014 7:11 AM
Although the Pakistanis in Hong Kong have a better life after shifting there, everything is so much easier, it still does show signs of poverty and the less fortunate. I didn't think that in Hong Kong there would be poor people as i always thought that Hong Kong was a country with quality standards of living. Water, electricity, transportation are all seen almost everywhere. But, even with these improvements made, it still itches me that why didn't the government help to solve poverty in Hong Kong first rather than building more buildings, investing in foreign stocks and so on. So, i believe that the government did not take into consideration of the welfare of the people of Hong Kong. This should be made priority before the government decided to do something else. Quote, "Compared with the 25 per cent of poor children in the general population, 32 per cent of ethnic minority children are poor. And among poor ethnic minority families, more than 60 per cent had at least one member in full-time work, while only 41 per cent among the poor within the general population had jobs." These statistics speak well for themselves. This shows that even though people are employed, they are still not enough to sustain their basic lives and necessities. So, all i want to say is that the government should think of the countries well being first before venturing into anything else. That way, the poverty rate in Hong Kong can be reduced.