Design Thinking and Conscious Evolution | Rethinking Complexity | Pourquoi's innovation and creativity digest |

Systems thinking is a holistic form of understanding, analysis, and problem solving. It's also a way to bring balanced, more impactful solutions to our businesses and social challenges. But what about design thinking?

Design thinking involves using design methodologies to address all of our important inquiries. There is an emerging notion of human-centered design brought into our consciouness by IDEO, the design firm in Palo Alto, California. In this form of design, we involve the recepients in the design process focused primarily on their needs. It sounds simple but most conventional design methodologies consider the needs of humans as an input, but not as the purpose of the design and much less involve them in the process.

Can we use design thinking to guide our evolution? Can design thinking help us build our global and sustainable future as a species. Is this type of thinking broad and deep enough that can tackle the biggest challenges that we have as civilization?

Via Anne Landreat, TOLLEC Bernard, Philippe Vallat