Positive futures
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Positive futures
Let's make the future better!
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The importance of storytelling in the digital age

The importance of storytelling in the digital age | Positive futures | Scoop.it

At Film4, we talk about our innovation strategy as a treasure map rather than a road atlas. While we don’t have a clear A to B route towards a single goal, we’re privileged to have a talented team to help us understand where “there be dragons” and where it might be promising to dig for treasure.

Frank Rose, the author of The Art of Immersion and keynote speaker at our upcoming Innovation Forum, puts it well when he says:

We stand now at the intersection of lure and blur. The future beckons, but we’re only part way through inventing it. We can see the outlines of a new artform, but its grammar is as tenuous and elusive as the grammar of cinema a century ago.

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David Hain's insight:

"Recent psychological research revealed how people want to inhabit storyworlds because of how stories work in the brain." ~Guardian 

Kajsa Hartig's curator insight, November 18, 2014 3:05 PM

"...return doesn’t necessarily mean pure profit, but there has to be something of value coming back to us, for example a better understanding of who our audience is"

Alexandre Michelin's curator insight, November 19, 2014 3:28 AM

tell your story and curate 

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If You Don't Like Your Future, Rewrite Your Past

If You Don't Like Your Future, Rewrite Your Past | Positive futures | Scoop.it
If you don't like how things are going, tell a different story. Sometimes strategic change just means taking something from the periphery — an anomaly, a demonstration, a small innovation — and redefining it as central.

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David Hain's insight:

How do you frame your life experiences?  Critical question for who you are and will be...

Lansana Gagny Sakho's comment, March 21, 2013 3:21 AM
... If you don't know where you go back where you from