Adapting the Workplace for the Next Generation - Hannah Hahn | Positive futures |

   GenX digital immigrants recall planning, organizing and interacting with one another without mobile phones, computers or the Internet. Digital natives, however, never have experienced life without technology.

   Since childhood, individuals of GenY have integrated technologies into their lives and have developed skills to naturally adapt to continuous technological progress. They have made digital technologies an inherent part of their day-to-day lives and intuitively understand them.


   In a 2011 study, Johnson Controls' Global Work-Place Innovation discovered which workplace areas are in a certain need of improvement, to better accommodate the arriving GenY workers:

- Bring your own technology (BYOT);

- Always connected;

- No loss of transition from home to work;

- Social networking friendly solutions;

- Collaborative solutions;

- Internal knowledge management;

- More sustainable working environment.


Via Peter Hoeve