Generation Y Workers Need to Understand Performance on the Job Matters - Jane & Marcus Buckingham | Positive futures |

   We’ve all heard about how millennials have been raised by “helicopter parents,” who hover over them and protect them from criticism and disappointment. The result is a “teacup” generation of young people who may appear outwardly perfect, but are easily shattered.


   For years, they have regularly been given pats on the back, often just for showing up. They made it to the end of the soccer season – fantastic, everyone gets a trophy! They took a test – how amazing!


   When they finally join the workforce, it’s no wonder members of Gen Y expect a promotion just for being on time to work for six weeks straight.

   If we want to (p)reframe this generations mindset, it’s necessary to first understand their perspective, especially in the following four ways:

1. Participation is enough;

2. Everything is customized;

3. Constant, immediate feedback is required;

4. Change must be embraced.


Via Peter Hoeve