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Potential of Social Network Analysis in Intelligence (Wheaton/Ritchie)

Potential of Social Network Analysis in Intelligence (Wheaton/Ritchie) | Positive attitude | Scoop.it

Social Network Analysis, as an analytic method, has inarguable applicability to the field of intelligence and is progressively reshaping the analytic landscape in terms of how analysts understand networks. For example, analysts currently use SNA to identify key people in an organization or social network, develop a strategic agent network, identify new agents and simulate information flows through a network.The most obvious use of SNA is its ability to identify key actors and entities within a network. Centrality measures within a network are means for measuring a node’s relative importance within the network. [3] It is well-accepted that “the ability to measure centrality in social networks has been a particularly useful development in social network analysis.”   What is more interesting, however, is the number of centrality measures that social network analysts use to reveal different things about how key actors interact within a network.

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This is a must read!  Technology can hurt us more than it helps if you dont use it responsibly.  Your thoughts?

Estefanía Aguilar's curator insight, January 29, 2014 3:31 AM

SNA, GIS and Competitive Intelligence altogether

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Cultivating Empathy in the Cafeteria

Cultivating Empathy in the Cafeteria | Positive attitude | Scoop.it
Problem-solving Tips from Bridport Elementary


As students at Bridport Elementary school move forward forging deeper, more empathetic understanding of one another, we are left wondering: how can lessons learned from the cafeteria be applied elsewhere? Students and adults all over the country could benefit from an approach in which every person is always welcome at the table in any situation. Imagine what it will look like when Bridport Elementary alumni attend social events as adults, where they see someone sitting by his or herself, without anyone to interact with? Will they join their friends in an exclusive conversation, or will they open their arms and hearts to others and create an inclusive environment?


Here are a few tips and mindsets that helped Bridport Elementary School cultivate empathy:


By Sandra Hinderliter

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Lets all take the time to extend our friendship to someone new.

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The difference between speaking and teaching

The difference between speaking and teaching | Positive attitude | Scoop.it

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When learning somthing new, I find it helpful to learn it like you are going to teach it to others. What are your best methods?

Allan Shaw's curator insight, January 20, 2014 4:53 PM

This short written piece describes the differences between a professional teacher and an uncommitted qualified employee 'going through the motions'.

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Very good remark