Poker Table Ratings Agrees to Block PokerStars Player Profiles | Poker News | This Week in Gambling - Poker News |
Data mining site Poker Table Ratings has agreed to comply with PokerStars' demands that PTR remove Stars player profiles from the site.

In a striking turn of events, the data miners at Poker Table Ratings (PTR) have announced they will comply with PokerStars’ demands that PTR remove Stars player profiles from its product list. The move follows Stars’ decision earlier this week to send ‘cease & desist’ letters to PTR and to the internet service provider that hosted PTR’s data. On Wednesday, PTR was offline for a spell, apparently as a result of the ISP agreeing with Stars’ claim that PTR had infringed on Stars’ intellectual property rights. Undeterred, PTR was back up and running on a new domain name server within hours. However, not long after PTR emerged from its brief hiatus, its official blog posted the following notice:

“Recent contact by Stars has led to the removal of this network’s player profiles from PTR … Unfortunately we have been unable to gain communication with Stars during this time and it has come to a hostile dissolution of service for this brand. They have taken formal action against us and we will comply with their demands and have the brand removed from the site … we will fully adhere to the cease and desist notice by Stars, though we do not believe that we are a disservice to the online poker community … We still fully believe in our product and will continue to introduce new and exciting features to our customers … The latest events, though a disruption in our plans, do not derail them.”