Calvin Ayre Hires Slotnick Father Son Team to Take on Baltimore US Attorney | This Week in Gambling - Poker News | founder Calvin Ayre has hired the father son tandem of Barry and Stuart Slotnick to represent him just one month after being charged with money laundering by the US Attorney’s Office out of Maryland.

The Slotnick’s successfully helped their client Sportingbet enter into a Non-Prosecution agreement with the US Justice Department, resulting in a fine that was one quarter of that which rival PartyGaming had to pay.

While a Non-Prosecution agreement is not possible in this case (Ayre has already been charged with a felony), it is clear that the colorful founder of Bodog now intends to fight the charges, as opposed to hiding out the rest of his life in some third world country like Chad or Sierra Leone.

Maryland US Attorney Rod Rosenstein will go up against the man who got New York City subway shooter Bernard Goetz off scot-free. That would be father, Barry.

It’s Stuart who has done much of the legwork when it comes to the online gambling sector, however.

The younger Slotnick represents casino magnate Steve Wynn. He has successfully challenged the US Army's stop-loss policy. Slotnick has also served as the long time attorney for the clothing company American Apparel.

Ayre’s side appears to be poised to argue that Bodog’s founder did not act as CEO of the US-facing brand during a period of time the indictment claims an informant witnessed Ayre making appearances in the company’s Costa Rica-based office.