Texas Republican denies Poker Players Alliance entry to convention, TwoPlusTwo | Poker & eGaming News | Scoop.it

The Poker Players Alliance believed this convention would be an excellent way to present issues of importance to Texas poker players, from Internet poker legislation before the U.S. Congress to the effort to establish poker rooms in the state. We applied for an exhibitor booth during their convention from June 7-9 in Fort Worth and unfortunately our application was DENIED. Party activists made it clear that their convention is closed to those groups or individuals that do not represent the Texas Republican Platform.


Texas Republican representative Joe Barton opposes the official party line:

“Poker is the All American game and Texas Hold’em is a natural for Texans to play - in fact I learned to play in Boy Scouts. It is a game of skill, not one of chance. Recent rulings in Washington have set up a scenario that could open online poker to predatory overseas gambling operations.

We need to properly regulate the game online so we can we can protect players from illegal activity and create new revenue for Texas– that is why I believe it shouldn’t be against the Republican Party platform.

The Poker Players Alliance isn’t part of any gambling lobby. They are just a group of normal people working hard to restore rights to law abiding citizens who like to play poker. I think they should be allowed to have a booth at the state convention.”



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