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This 'Journal on invasive alien plants' is maintained by the Secretariat of the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and its aim is to share information collected on the Internet on invasive alien plants.


EPPO is an intergovernmental organization created in 1951 which currently has 50 member countries. EPPO is responsible for harmonization and cooperation among the National Plant Protection Organizations (official authorities) of its member countries. EPPO helps its members in their efforts to protect plant health in agriculture, forestry and the uncultivated environment (standard-setting activities and exchange of information).


On its official website, EPPO also provides:

- information on its activities on invasive alien plants:

- a free database (PQR) on the distribution of invasive alien plants!

- the EPPO Reporting Service (a free monthly newsletter on pests and diseases):


Visit the official EPPO website:

Via Sarah Brunel