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Robin Good's insight:


Annotag is a new web app which allows you to tag and annotate any video clip, whether just recorded, uploaded or grabbed from YouTube or Vimeo.
As a consequence you can easily jump to relevant parts of any tagged video while making it more accessible and informative.


Once you have tagged and annotated a video you can share the "curated" version on your preferred social media channels or use the available "embed code" to publish it on your web site.


Annotag allows you to create multiple categories in your channel, as to facilitate the grouping of related clips into folder-like equivalents.

It is possible to add additional contributors andd editors to your channel, integrate Disqus comments, Google Analytics and to select a public channel "look" for your Annotag page by choosing from a variety of different ready-made templates.




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Via Robin Good, João Greno Brogueira