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Let's learn a bit more about personal learning environments
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5 practical ways to connect your classroom to the world

5 practical ways to connect your classroom to the world | PLE-PLN |
  The Internet has revolutionized communication. Letters used to take days. Long-distance calls were costly and only audio-based. Today, things are different. With e-mail, social networks, vid...
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Personalised Peer-Supported Learning: The Peer-to-Peer Learning Environment (P2PLE)


The Peer-to-Peer Learning Environment (P2PLE) is a proposed approach to helping learners co-construct their learning environment using recommendations about people, content, and tools. The work draws on current research on PLEs, and participant observation at the Peer-to-Peer University (P2PU). We are particularly interested in ways of eliciting explicit, coded, user feedback, and in monitoring the transitions from state to state within the PLE. We discuss the ways in which these ideas can inform the design of a platform for peer-supported study of university-level mathematics.

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