Plant Physiology Labs for undergraduates? | Plant Physiology Laboratory exercises |

Several people have asked for help finding lab exercises for undergraduate students. Here are some places to look:


ABLE is the Association for Biology Laboratory Education, and has loads of good peer-reviewed biology labs, including 148 tagged as "plant biology" ( Most are open-access. 


The journal Cell Biology Education (CBE - also has some suitable labs including "A Study of Rubisco through Western Blotting and Tissue Printing Techniques" (

as does the Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education, including "A Novel Experimental Design for Examining Bryophyte Response to Increased Ultraviolet Radiation" (


Starting with really durable exercises that work with younger students can be helpful, and both Wisconsin Fast Plants and Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) are experts at developing "fool-proof" activities. Here are some suitable for older students from WFP ( and SAPS (


Simlarly, these 12 activities developed to accompany the "12 principles of plang biology" are designed for younger students but can be launching off points for inquiry by older students (


Finally, one of the classics is the book "Experiments in Plant Physiology", published in 1994 by Carol Reiss ( You might be able to find a copy through a library, or ask other people in your department if they've got one. And for general tips, here's a good article from Carol called "Teaching a Plant Physiology Laboratory for the First Time?" (


I'd be happy to post other resources if anyone has any to share (hint hint)

Via Mary Williams