Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Focus Issue on Translational Research (March 2014) | Plant microbe |
Focus on Translational ResearchJohn M. McDowell, John Carr, and Matteo Lorito Effectors as Tools in Disease Resistance Breeding Against Biotrophic, Hemibiotrophic, and Necrotrophic Plant PathogensVivianne G. A. A. Vleeshouwers and Richard P. Oliver A Time for More Booms and Fewer Busts? Unraveling Cereal–Rust InteractionsScot Hulbert and Michael Pumphrey The Potyviridae Cylindrical Inclusion Helicase: A Key Multipartner and Multifunctional ProteinM. Sorel, J. A. Garcia, and S. German-Retana Characterization of a Tryptophan 2-Monooxygenase Gene from Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Involved in Auxin Biosynthesis and Rust PathogenicityChuntao Yin, Jeong-Jin Park, David R. Gang, and Scot H. Hulbert Mycosphaerella graminicola LysM Effector-Mediated Stealth Pathogenesis Subverts Recognition Through Both CERK1 and CEBiP Homologues in WheatWing-Sham Lee, Jason J. Rudd, Kim E. Hammond-Kosack, and Kostya Kanyuka Production of Xylella fastidiosa Diffusible Signal Factor in Transgenic Grape Causes Pathogen Confusion and Reduction in Severity of Pierce's DiseaseSteven Lindow, Karyn Newman, Subhadeep Chatterjee, Clelia Baccari, Anthony T. Lavarone, and Michael Ionescu A Bacterial Type III Secretion Assay for Delivery of Fungal Effector Proteins into WheatNarayana M. Upadhyaya, Rohit Mago, Brian J. Staskawicz, Michael A. Ayliffe, Jeffrey G. Ellis, and Peter N. Dodds Substitutions of Two Amino Acids in the Nucleotide-Binding Site Domain of a Resistance Protein Enhance the Hypersensitive Response and Enlarge the PM3F Resistance Spectrum in WheatDaniel Stirnweis, Samira Désiré Milani, Tina Jordan, Beat Keller, and Susanne Brunner A Novel, Sensitive Method to Evaluate Potato Germplasm for Bacterial Wilt Resistance Using a Luminescent Ralstonia solanacearum Reporter StrainAndrea Paola Zuluaga Cruz, Virginia Ferreira, María Julia Pianzzola, María Inés Siri, Núria S. Coll, and Marc Valls Methods to Study PAMP-Triggered Immunity in Brassica SpeciesSimon R. Lloyd, Henk-jan Schoonbeek, Martin Trick, Cyril Zipfel, and Christopher J. Ridout Disruption of Vector Transmission by a Plant-Expressed Viral GlycoproteinMauricio Montero-Astúa, Dorith Rotenberg, Alexandria Leach-Kieffaber, Brandi A. Schneweis, Sunghun Park, Jungeun K. Park, Thomas L. German, and Anna E. Whitfield
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