Invasive Wasp Discovered in Southern California | Plant health |
RIVERSIDE, Calif. – In August 2010, an entomologist at the University of California, Riverside discovered a tiny fairyfly wasp in upstate New York that had never been seen in the United States until then.

Serguei Triapitsyn, the principal museum scientist in the Department of Entomology and the director of the Entomology Research Museum, who made the discovery identified the wasp as Gonatocerus ater by comparing it to wasps from upstate New York and also Europe. The wasp is found wherever Lombardy poplars were located because the wasp' life cycle is associated with a leafhopper host, which prefers these trees for feeding. According to Triapitsyn, the wasp poses no known risk – besides killing leafhopper eggs.

The new was reported also by Science News: Wasp found in upstate New York shows up in Southern California.