Role of actin cytoskeleton in brassinosteroid signaling and in its integration with the auxin response in plants (Developmental Cell) | plant cell genetics |

In plants, developmental programs and tropisms are modulated by the phytohormone auxin. Auxin reconfigures the actin cytoskeleton, which controls polar localization of auxin transporters such as PIN2 and thus determines cell-type-specific responses. In conjunction with a second growth-promoting phytohormone, brassinosteroid (BR), auxin synergistically enhances growth and gene transcription. We show that BR alters actin configuration and PIN2 localization in a manner similar to that of auxin. We describe a BR constitutive-response mutant that bears an allele of the ACTIN2 gene and shows altered actin configuration, PIN2 delocalization, and a broad array of phenotypes that recapitulate BR-treated plants. Moreover, we show that actin filament reconfiguration is sufficient to activate BR signaling, which leads to an enhanced auxin response. Our results demonstrate that the actin cytoskeleton functions as an integration node for the BR signaling pathway and auxin responsiveness.

Via GMI Vienna, PMG