Breeding Strategies to Enhance Drought Tolerance in Crops | plant and food sciences |
Rauf, S.; Al-Khayri, J.M.; Zaharieva, M.; Monneveux, P.; Khalil, F. 2016. Breeding strategies to enhance drought tolerance in crops. In: Al-Khayri, J.M.; Jain, S.M.; Johnson, D.V. (eds). Advances in plant breeding strategies: Agronomic, abiotic and biotic stress traits. Cham (Switzerland). Springer International Publishing. ISBN 978-3-319-22517-3. pp. 397-445.
This chapter discusses screening and breeding methods with emphasis on bridging the gap between genotype and phenotype. Some examples of success in the development of drought tolerant germplasm are presented.

Via International Potato Center (CIP)