Underwhelming – is there a plus side to Wellington’s new logo? | Strengthening Brand America | Scoop.it

"The logo is original: while there are many with pluses (Google Plus, or our Plus One channels on Freeview), I can’t think of any that are executed in this exact way with this colour scheme. But you get an underwhelming feeling since we’re the creative capital. A few more pluses would convey dynamism (although that has been done before, too)—as long as we stick with getting Wellingtonians on side first.

The brand itself — Absolutely Positively Wellington — doesn’t take into consideration those sectors that did not exist in Wellington in a major way, notably ICT . Maintaining it tells me that it’s more of the same. That message is backed up by the abolition of the portfolio within council.

It doesn’t take into consideration the thoughts of any of our young people, who will be burdened with this as the city’s brand in years to come. Those in their 20s might feel a familiarity with the term ‘Absolutely Positively Wellington’, but also a disconnect. They weren’t consulted on where they see Wellington or what they aspire us to be."

Via Julien Dos Reis Pedro