What is a digital book worth? Reflections on Pricing Book Apps for Kids in 2013 | Picture Books and the Digital Shift | Scoop.it

Over two years ago, as one of my very first blog posts I wrote about the prices in the book app market, using my first 100 reviews for analysis. Now that I have reviewed over 700 titles in this new industry, I’d like to share a few of the points I made in 2011, which are still very much true … along with some stats to compare over time.


True today and even evident at the very beginning of this revolution in enhanced digital picture books was a tendency toward very low prices. If you compare these apps to other book-like products in the cultural environment, getting new releases for under $3 is rather unusual. However, this ‘sweet spot’ of $2.99 for eBooks is even more true today than two years ago, with over 70% of children’s book apps in our survey priced at $2.99 or less.

Via Carisa Kluver