A Sustainable Civic Center and City Hall for Newport Beach, California | Le flux d'Infogreen.lu | Scoop.it

At a construction cost of $130 million, Newport Beach City Hall and Civic Center is a significant project for Orange County, not only in terms of size and scope, but also with regard to aesthetics and sustainability.

The contemporary steel and glass design has a very distinct appearance, reflecting a sense of movement through the repeated use of curved structural members that create rhythm and add scale.

Louvers at the ceiling and wall planes reguate daylight and add visual continuity throughout the entire project, linking the new city hall to the renovated library and creating a public gathering area for the community.

Set to achieve LEED gold certification, the design features clerestory windows that maximize daylighting while deep overhangs allow for passive cooling. Operable windows allow occupants to take advantage of the mild coastal climate while enjoying views to the park outside, which adds 12 acres of trails, wetlands and recreation space to the city's parklands.

Via Lauren Moss