Experiential Learning Building at University of Calgary by Perkins+Will | Le flux d'Infogreen.lu | Scoop.it

Located at the University of Calgary, the Energy Environment Experiential Learning (EEEL) building is a five-story teaching facility that allows students to learn in an experiential and hands-on environment.

WIth approximately 11,000 sm of teaching laboratories and 2,500 sm of classroom space, space is provided for up to 3,000 sm of future research labs. The structural module and arrangement of the building systems allows the university long-term flexibility to convert spaces efficiently from one use to another.

The project also incorporates a number of solar control strategies, such as sculpted aluminum spandrel panels and solar shutters that actively track the sun to provide fully daylit but glare-free interior spaces. Additional environmental strategies include the use of thermal mass, an efficient envelope, natural ventilation, earth tubes, and low-energy systems, which contribute to the project using 45% less energy compared to a conventional laboratory building.  Low-flow fixtures and use of captured rain water mixed with recycled process water for toilet flushing reduces potable water use by 64%.

Via Lauren Moss