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Rescooped by Frédéric Liégeois from Sustainable Energy

Research may make solar PV cheaper

Research may make solar PV cheaper | Le flux d'Infogreen.lu | Scoop.it

Researchers at the University of Alberta in Canada believe they have created one of the cheapest nanoparticles yet developed for solar photovoltaics, and it could help to further reduce the price of solar power technology.

Via Hans De Keulenaer
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Rescooped by Frédéric Liégeois from Développement durable et efficacité énergétique

The Myth of Affordable Energy

The Myth of Affordable Energy | Le flux d'Infogreen.lu | Scoop.it

Ed Dolan, economist - interview by James Stafford from Oilprice.com

"In my view it is a myth that cheap energy - "affordable energy" as many people like to say is vital to growth. The idea that there is a lockstep relationship between growth of GDP and use of energy is widespread, but the data simply does not bear it out. Instead, what they show is that the world's best-performing economies have become dramatically more energy efficient over time.
There is only one right way to promote renewables, and that is to introduce full-cost pricing of all forms of energy. Full-cost pricing is a two-part program.

First, it means pricing that covers the full production costs for every form of fuel. No subsidies for anyone—not for oil, not for ethanol, not for wind or solar.

The second half of full-cost pricing is to include all of the nonmarket costs, what economists call the “external costs” or “externalities.” The most publicized of these are pollution costs, whether those take the form of local smog, oil spills, climate change, or bird kills...."

Via Hans De Keulenaer, Stephane Bilodeau
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