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Rescooped by Frédéric Liégeois from sustainable architecture

The Kimbell’s Stylish, Sustainable New Addition

The Kimbell’s Stylish, Sustainable New Addition | Picto Communication Partner | Scoop.it
The Kimbell Art Museum’s new addition, the Renzo Piano Pavilion, bears the name of its architect and demonstrates the happy coexistence of sustainability and physical beauty.

The $135 million Piano Pavilion was commissioned to serve one of the most revered museum buildings in the country, designed by architect Louis Kahn, and Mr. Piano’s pavilion design aims to complement Kahn’s monumental modernist aesthetic, his fondness for concrete and emphasis on light. What Mr. Piano’s pavilion adds to the conversation is a stress on contemporary sustainability practices.

“The Kahn building is famous for its natural light,” Mr. Piano said. “But that was a natural lighting system designed in the late ’60s and ’70s. Technologies have advanced considerably since then. We needed to capitalize on the new technologies and make a design that is more flexible and responsive to the issues of today, like sustainability.”


“Designing for energy savings is not an ‘add on,’ ” Mr. Piano said in an October Kimbell Art Museum publicity release, “but, rather, the proper way to build.”

Via Lauren Moss
Rescooped by Frédéric Liégeois from sustainable architecture

Beautiful, Innovative, and Sustainable: The Future of Green Architecture

Beautiful, Innovative, and Sustainable: The Future of Green Architecture | Picto Communication Partner | Scoop.it

Today, architecture finds itself at a crossroads.

Building materials and new construction, along with the operation and maintenance of buildings, account for a significant sum of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.


Faced with this fact, how are architects to responsibly pursue the act (and art) of architecture without further deteriorating the planet’s environmental make-up or depleting its resources?

What forms of high and low technology can be developed to curtail the injurious side of building?

Can good—or even great—architecture be sustainable?


The answer, of course, is yes. The best buildings have always shown a concern for their immediate environs and how they fit in them, whether they were conscious of “sustainability” or not. Now, all architects and buildings are expected to be engaged with sustainable standards, such as LEED titles, photovoltaic cells, or green roofs—all things that these 10 projects have in common. Check out our favorite projects in architecture + sustainability...

Via Lauren Moss
Lauren Moss's curator insight, January 17, 2013 3:32 PM

A curated collection of (relatively) recent sustainable building projects that highlight innovative approaches to environmental design and green building, with links provided for additional information and details.

Paige's curator insight, August 6, 11:47 AM

Green architecture! I've dreamt and have considered going into a field of real estate specializing in the building and selling of eco-friendly homes!