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"There has been a lot of talk in recent years by individuals, environmental groups and lawmakers to make our homes more “green”. Many homeowners have adopted changes to their homes such as fitting energy saving light bulbs, buying energy-efficient televisions and other electrical appliances, and some have even fitted solar panels to their roofs in order to harness power from the sun.

But there is only a limited amount of changes one can realistically make to their homes in order to be make them more environmentally friendly. However, some people have decided to build some ultra eco-friendly homes! Here are 10 such examples of eco-friendly homes around the world:


French Architect Patrice Bideau designed the Bioclimatic House as an eco-friendly holiday retreat. It has excellent insulation properties thanks to the rock wool and plaster-covered concrete breeze-block walls.../..."

Via a.typique Patrice BIDEAU