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Rescooped by Paulo Teixeira from Fuji X-Pro1!

My New found love of Street Photography | T. Whitaker

My New found love of Street Photography | T. Whitaker | Photography Stuff |


Since the purchase of my Fujifilm X-E1 and have built up my kit for it I have changed a lot as a photographer in my style of shooting as well as my ability to see shots out of just my general surroundings. Going from a large DSLR to the small mirrorless was quite a jump for me, and then adding manual focus lenses was another very big jump that I had to get used to. One major difference that I noticed when photographing in the street with a DSLR compared to the Fuji was when you pull out the X-E1 no body takes any notice of you, blending into the scene becomes so easy. And being able to blend in and go unnoticed while photographing in the street is a very important to get those candid moments. I love using the Fuji with the manual focus lenses, you really have to take your time and think about the shot you want to take. Photos aren’t just snapped away with a heavy trigger finger like when I am photographing sport, I have to slow down and think which can being some terrific results. I have found that even though I am not as quick with the manual focus combo compared to my quick autofocus DSLR’s I think more about my photography as a whole and not just technique and simple settings. Another thing I love about this kit is how easy is it so travel with, walking around for 5 and 6 hours with my small Think Tank bag carrying my X-E1 kit compared which is a lot smaller and lighter than my DSLR even with just one zoom lens (I have the 2.8 L’s) and the fact that the Fuji produces such beautiful photos in such a small size is brilliant. Practice with the manual focus lenses has also made me faster with focus than I originally thought I would be which is also a nice surprise. Even though I have only recently taken to street photography I have taken some photos that I really like and I feel that this type of shooting has really improved me as a photographer and made me more aware of my surroundings. I am developing the ability to see something out of nothing which has made me a better photographer and my confidence in my work has also improved.I will be heading to the UK towards the end of this year and I am very much looking forward to walking around London again with a much smaller kit. I did it last year with my DSLR and large lenses and got some nice shots that I was happy with, although I do very much like the idea of walking around London for 6 hours with a bag that weighs less than half the one I used last year. Below are some of my street photos from my last trip to London.

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Titia Geertman's curator insight, February 23, 2013 8:19 PM

I love B&W photography. Though color photography can be beautiful (if it's not too manipulated by photo editing programs), the B&W has a much stronger impact I think.

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Instagram Tips from the Pros

Instagram Tips from the Pros | Photography Stuff |
Do you use Instagram? Want to do it better? Here are tips from the pros who use Instagram to share some of their best work.
After you create your Instagram masterpieces, bring them over to Animoto.
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Rescooped by Paulo Teixeira from Fuji X-Pro1!

FujiFilm X-E1 Review | Palle Schultz

FujiFilm X-E1 Review |  Palle Schultz | Photography Stuff |

Not too long ago I decided to buy the FujiFilm X-E1. I originally wanted to go full frame, but the Fuji was so impressive, that I went for that instead of questioning myself throwing money at a full frame, instead of the medium format camera that I really want, but not yet can afford.

To love or to hate
I have a love/hate relationship with my Fujifilm X100, and the X-E1 carries on that tradition. Autofocus is still, although better, not impressive. But the overall feel and manual approach you have to attack this camera with, is highly rewarding. When you get it right, and eventually you will get it right, then you'll start to love the X-E1 for what it is....

With the X-E1, YOU are the photographer and the artist. There are no Instagram magic, that makes a dull picture exiting. You have to think up what you want to show in the scene you capture, you have to be an artist and a photographer. And that is why I like it so much. I do believe it forces me to be a better photographer.

Some negative points
There are very few flaws with the camera. If you shoot pictures in an environment with strong side spotlights, and have the camera set to M, it can trick the viewfinder completely, and you can’t see what you are framing, because it is overly lit up. What to do then? I’m a left eye, and the rare times this happens, I shift to my right, look at the scene with my left, and release the shutter. If you are right eyed, open the left eye and your brain composes the two images together, and you can sort of frame your subject correctly.

Maybe it would be a good thing, if Fuji let you set a lowest acceptable shutter speed, when using auto ISO. As it is now, if you use automatic ISO, the camera too often sets the shutter speed way to low. The camera doesn’t produce much noise at high ISO levels, so it renders the auto ISO function more or less useless, that you end up with blurry pics, because of a low shutter speed. Therefore, I don’t use auto iso in this camera. The X100 handles automatic settings superbly, and you can shoot almost blindfolded in any condition, and still get great pics. That is not an option with the X-E1, you have to be alert at all times.

Love & Hate
It keeps you on your toes, and you love the X-E1 for it….. and sort of hate it also, like an annoying sibling. :-)

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