Steve McCurry on photography's globalised challenge |  Phaidon | Photography News Journal |

Steve McCurry, the brilliant Magnum photographer, is forever travelling the globe. So it's probably best to pay attention when he talks about how the world is changing. In an interview with the US website, American Photo, based around his latest book, Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs, the photographer laments the planet's growing homogeneity.

He explained to the magazine that, when in Atlanta late last year, he went out looking for a high-density neighbourhood, like those found in Brooklyn or Queens, in which to shoot some pictures. "But nobody really walks there," he marveled. "It's like LA. There's virtually no pedestrian traffic unless you're somewhere like Sunset Blvd."

This narrowing of aesthetic diferences is something that Steve has noticed the world over. "When I walk through an airport, I think, 'This is the future.' All airports look the same. They're steel and glass. You walk through a shopping mall in India and it could be in Cleveland. There's almost no difference."

Via Photo report