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Records of life - Photography by Anders T. Johansson

Records of life - Photography by Anders T. Johansson | Photography News Journal |

Looking at Anders’ photographs remind of old Super 8 films of parties, weddings and family holidays, remind of proud parent’s taping the first steps, the first words of their children. Even though the images can’t be compared with those old vintage movies, we all know, in their style and aesthetics they have the same power: to show life as simple, intimate and beautiful as it is. Johansson manages to become part of the scene in front of him. His images document and record, but not from a distance. Without being close ups in a technical way Anders’ works are close ups of the life in front of his camera.

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Steve McCurry on photography's globalised challenge | Phaidon

Steve McCurry on photography's globalised challenge |  Phaidon | Photography News Journal |

Steve McCurry, the brilliant Magnum photographer, is forever travelling the globe. So it's probably best to pay attention when he talks about how the world is changing. In an interview with the US website, American Photo, based around his latest book, Untold: The Stories Behind the Photographs, the photographer laments the planet's growing homogeneity.

He explained to the magazine that, when in Atlanta late last year, he went out looking for a high-density neighbourhood, like those found in Brooklyn or Queens, in which to shoot some pictures. "But nobody really walks there," he marveled. "It's like LA. There's virtually no pedestrian traffic unless you're somewhere like Sunset Blvd."

This narrowing of aesthetic diferences is something that Steve has noticed the world over. "When I walk through an airport, I think, 'This is the future.' All airports look the same. They're steel and glass. You walk through a shopping mall in India and it could be in Cleveland. There's almost no difference."

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Kiev en feu | Photos Andrey Stenin de l'Agence RIA Novosti

Kiev en feu | Photos Andrey Stenin de l'Agence RIA Novosti | Photography News Journal |

Lorsque la capitale ukrainienne a sombré dans la violence après plusieurs semaines d'un bras de fer entre forces de l'ordre et manifestants pro-européens, le 22 janvier 2014,  les affrontements du centre-ville, notamment sur la place de l'Indépendance ont pris l'allure d'un champ de bataille cinématographique. 


Jamais la presse n'avait reçu des photographies aussi "belles" et "picturales". La photographie la plus emblématique qui a fait le tour du monde, est celle du photographe Andrey Stenin de l'Agence RIA Novosti.

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Hereros | Photographer: Jim Naughten

Hereros | Photographer: Jim Naughten | Photography News Journal |

“I traveled in Africa after finishing college. I bought an old motorbike and more or less stumbled across Namibia on my journey. It was instantly spellbinding—the extraordinary landscapes, the colorful and varied inhabitants and their surreal and often brutal history. I photographed the same tribe back then with my old film camera but always wanted to return to make a more extended project. I’m fascinated by history and often choose projects that make connections with the past.”


“Each image, a portrait of Herero tribe members of Namibia, 
reveals a material culture that harkens the region’s tumultuous 
past: residents wear Victorian era dresses and paramilitary 
costume as a direct result and documentation of its early 20th 
century German colonization.

Namibia’s borders encompass the world’s oldest desert. Bleak 
lunar landscapes, diamond mines, German ghost towns, rolling 
sea fogs, nomadic tribes and a hostile coastline littered with 
shipwrecks and whale skeletons comprise the region’s striking 
and haunting natural features. Namibia’s geography has 
witnessed a turbulent and little documented history of human 
settlement, upheaval and war within a particularly brutal 
period of European colonization. 

In the European scramble to colonise Africa, Kaiser Wilhelm’s 
Germany claimed one of the least populated and most hostile 
environments on the planet. It became Deutsche Sudewest- 
afrika. Though sparsely populated, it was already home to the 
San, Nama and Herero people. Rhenish missionaries set about 
converting and clothing them after European fashion. Over 
time, this became a Herero tradition, and continuing to dress 
in this manner was a great source of pride to the wearer. 
Gradually, regional variations in the silhouette emerged; for 
example, the addition of 'cow horns' to headdresses reflects 
the great importance with which they regard their cattle.“ - Jim Naughten

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Photo report's curator insight, June 14, 2013 5:32 AM

Jim Naughten is an artist living and working in London. His new book, Conflict and Costume, will be published in Spring 2013 by Merrell.