Rabari: India's Nomadic Shepherds | Travel photographer: Mitchell Kanashkevich | PHOTOGRAPHERS | Scoop.it

The Rabari are a nomadic tribe of cattle herders. They have roamed the area that covers present-day West India and East Pakistan for almost a thousand years. Despite the constantly changing world around them, the Rabari have managed to cling on to most elements of their unique culture and lifestyle for countless generations. However, the current onslaught of change in the form of modernization and land development presents a new and perhaps impossible challenge.


With less grazing lands at their disposal, continuing cultural influences of main-stream India and the 'outside' modern world, the Rabari find themselves turning to a more sedentary lifestyle and exchanging their distinct traditional costumes for which they are famous around India, for 'made-in-China' t-shirts and baseball caps. This is a look at some of the last of the traditional Rabari people, as well as a glance at what their future might look like.