Narco culture | Photojournalist : Shaul Schwarz | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

Shaul Schwarz was among the first photographers to focus on documenting the drug wars that have ravaged the Mexican city of Juárez. Mr. Schwarz has been working in Juárez, a few yards from the border with the United States, since 2007. He can’t get the story of a city “so vicious and so close to home” out of his system.

“It is dangerous, chaotic and unpredictable,” said Mr. Schwarz, 37. “I see how cheap life can be there at times.”


After covering drug-related murders almost daily, Mr. Schwarz began to focus on the corrosive effect the violence was having on Mexican society. He started photographing the narco-culture spread by young people — on both sides of the border.

Narco-culture, he said, is narcocorridos — rap songs about drugs that glorify the life experiences of violent drug dealers. It is giant mausoleums celebrating assassinated kingpins. It is films about the drug world.