Survival in Cité Soleil | Photojournalist: Antonio Bolfo | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

Women scavenge the mass dumping ground of Cité Soleil looking for food and items to sell.

The town of Cité Soleil has the biggest garbage dumping grounds in the city of Port-au-Prince, and possibly the country of Haiti. On the edges of this massive dump, a community has grown. People erect makeshift homes and raise families among the garbage, where they scavenge for food, scrap-metal, and other recyclable items they can use to help them survive. The 2010 earthquake led to a growth in this community, and what little assistance has been given to these people has not helped them out of living in such inhuman conditions.


About Antonio Bolfo :

Antonio Bolfo  was born in New York City, to Korean and Italian immigrants, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. After a career as a videogame animator, he joined the New York Police Department, where he discovered a love for photography and decided to pursue it fulltime. He attended the International Center of Photography photojournalism program and has since had work published in The New York Times, Time and American Photography, among others. Antonio’s accolades include a first prize in the 2011 NPPA Best of Photojournalism awards.