Kyle Thompson - Fine Art photographer | PHOTOGRAPHERS |
Kyle Thompson is a surreal photographer based near Chicago Illinois.

Kyle Thompson is a 20 year old photographer who resides in Chicago, IL. Amazingly Kyle has only been into photographer for 9 months, but when you see his photos you will definitely think that is not the case. Check out this great interview where Kyle talks about where he finds inspiration, motivation, and how he feels about his decision to drop out of school to pursue traveling and photography.

"I draw most of my photo concepts out in a sketchbook, and sometimes still draw for fun, but I’ve definitely put nearly all my effort into photography. My style of drawing and painting hasn’t improved or changed in at least a year. I actually haven’t found much inspiration for photos through the art I had done before; my paintings were definitely more cartoon-ish and bizarre than my photographs, and I think it would be too difficult to change them into concepts." - Kyle Thompson