Silent Dialog 2012 | Fine art photographer: Viktoria Sorochinski | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

“Silent Dialog” is my most recent ongoing project that I have started to work on in 2011. It talks about the complex and psychologically charged mother-son relationships, depicting several families from various generations. This project dwells in between documentary and fiction, where all the subject are real people in real relationships, but the scenes are moderately orchestrated in order to bring out the essence of their particular bond. This work is based on my personal observations and my previous projects on familial bonds, as well as on works of psychoanalysts /philosophers such as Sigmund Freud, Jacques Lacan, Carl Jung, Julia Kristeva, and Micheal Gurian. - Viktoria Sorochinski


Viktoria Sorochinski is a Ukrainian-born artist who has lived and studied in Russia, Israel, and Canada prior to settling in New York City.