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“Women of size have always purely fascinated me. Like all things that are unknown I guess there is a natural tendency for one to be either curious or to just end up plain prejudiced. I was naturally curious and wanted to know more, and eventually I developed the need to photograph them.”


“My intentions were pretty clear from the first two photos I ever took. I knew I did not have to exploit them or force anything too much. All I was focused on was trying to create the most quiet and intimate, yet contemporary and strong images possible. I knew some viewers might have mixed feelings or even strong reactions to my work but I never took that in during the process. I was concentrated on giving the viewer the opportunity to admire something they rarely get to see.”


“Some of my models are or have been erotic models. Others are just women that wanted to be portrayed and that never had any experience whatsoever in front of a camera. There is never a sense of hurry in my photo shoots, and that helped them to relax. It is extremely important to spend some time together talking before taking out the camera.

“It’s a very special moment when someone drops their clothes in front of your eyes; you immediately understand it’s a gift that needs to be treated with the highest of respect. It’s a very strong feeling; it’s not the print, it’s not necessarily the exhibition, it’s that feeling you feel that makes you want to shoot again.” - Yossi Loloi