Umbra | Photographer: Julie Renée Jones | PHOTOGRAPHERS |

"In Umbra I seek to explore the collapse of reality into the fantastic. I use a set cast of characters, my family, which repeat and become confused with one another throughout the series. This creates the idea that the events and people that are in the photographs are part of a specific Midwestern neighborhood or subdivision, and that what is taking place is part of a parallel reality and alternate universe."


"In pursing all of this my photographs begin to reveal a psychological level to growing up in the predominately white, middle-class environment of Midwestern suburbia. The photographs are based on my personal childhood memories of growing up there and they directly speak to the slippages between actual events and the exaggerated recollection of childhood. Some of the most mundane moments are elevated to the point of extreme significance through my usage of light and shadow to create a sense of magic, unease, and drama."


"I’m also interested in the way people get confused in our memories or how their roles shift, and that they are recalled as otherworldly caricatures of themselves. I think the most defining aspect of the work that has revealed itself as I have worked on Umbra is the exploration of the borderland between innocence and experience. This particular aspect is most evident with the children in the photographs but I believe that it is also present with the adults. With the children there is a conflict between the youthfulness of their physical form and the evolving understanding and awareness of the world around them."